Payouts Approval API

Approve or Reject Payouts with RazorpayX APIs.

You can approve payouts both on the RazorpayX Dashboard and via the API. Using the below mentioned endpoints, you can approve or reject payouts by their attributes.

Watch Out!

The approval API only works if the workflow has only one level of approval.

  • One of the approvers in this step has to be an owner.
  • Either the owner can be the sole approver or, the owner and another user can be the approvers.
Payouts API approval workflow

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Explore the Payouts Approval API collection in the Razorpay Postman Public Workspace. Fork the workspace and test the APIs with your


Feature Request

This is an on-demand feature.

to get this feature activated on your account.

Before you approve a payout or

, you must:

Then you can

and approve or reject them.

Before you fire APIs, keep your Key id and Key Secret available. You can

in Live Mode or in on the .

API EndpointDescription
Approves the payout.
Rejects the payout.

If you face errors during the process, refer to our

documentation for HTTP, 5xx and other errors.

payout.pending is Triggered whenever a payout moves to the pending state. The payout remains in this state till you approve or reject it.

The payload remains the same irrespective of the fund_account_type to which payout was made. That is, the payload is same whether the payout was made to a bank account, vpa or card.

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and other .

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