In the last two decades, e-commerce has changed the way we live, shop, and do business. And, digital payments have acted as a major catalyst in making this a reality.

Any business that remains relevant today has been forced to adapt quickly to changing consumer behaviour. As new e-commerce customers began to demand information like stock availability, cost of transportation, shipping methods, and delivery time to make purchase decisions, delivering orders became more about speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

Since then, e-commerce companies have depended on logistics infrastructure to not only deliver and track orders, but also to inform their customers of order status. As a digital payment company, Razorpay has taken delight in helping logistics businesses reduce numerous inefficiencies by speeding up day-to-day operations, lightening employee loads, and ensuring every important detail is accounted for.

Shipping Safe and Secure Payments to Doorsteps

At Razorpay, we understand what it takes to make online shopping an easy, safe, and secure experience. Through products like Payment Gateway, Payments Links, and QR Codes* we help e-commerce players stay ahead of changing customer preferences.

As part of our commitment to provide a superior customer experience to India’s e-commerce businesses, Razorpay has partnered with Shiprocket, India’s first automated shipping software. Shiprocket is among India’s leading e-commerce logistics companies today. Since it began operations in 2016, the logistics aggregator has delivered enormous value to Indian e-tailers by streamlining multi-channel orders through multiple courier companies on a single platform. With 17+ courier partners onboard, Shiprocket offers a wide reach of 29000+ pin codes and 220 countries. The eCommerce sellers can also integrate their sales channels with the Shiprocket dashboard and ship their orders directly from their panel. Razorpay’s fleet of payment solutions will now help the shipping platform go the extra mile to deliver end-to-end retail and e-commerce solutions.

With Razorpay’s integration on Shiprocket’s platform, e-Commerce companies can:

Use Razorpay Payment Links to:

  • Get paid instantly by sharing payment links over an SMS, email, messenger, and more.
    Remind customers of upcoming payments.
  • Give customers the flexibility to initiate the payment process wherever, whenever.
  • Reach customers on a platform more comfortable to them, like WhatsApp, thereby increasing conversion rates by almost 9-10%.
  • Create and send payment links as well as reminders in bulk.

Use Razorpay Payment Gateway to:

  • Accept payments in 100+ payment modes.
  • Get set up quickly and start accepting payments in no time with super-easy APIs.
  • Provide the best customer experience with a payment gateway that can support even peak traffic needs.
  • Do away with failed payments.

Use Razorpay QR Codes* to:

  • Help customers make quick and contactless payments.
  • Save costs on deploying expensive POS machines.
  • Assure customers with ​​better security and success rates.
  • Give customers the flexibility to pay through a range of UPI apps such as PhonePe, Google Pay, and others.

Razorpay’s payment products and services continue to focus on providing online shoppers with the best customer experience. Razorpay’s real-time APIs-driven payment solutions with Shiprocket’s logistical expertise will work in tandem to help e-Commerce players grow their customer base by augmenting their customer experience.

*Note: BharatQR API is deprecated and will not be available from 30 September 2021. Razorpay recommends all merchants to use QR Codes APIs.

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