The RazorpayX Corporate Card comes with various perks and rewards and is by far the best rewards credit card for businesses. And while many people view business credit cards as a complex financial tool, they can be a boon for your business if managed efficiently

If you’re not maximising your corporate card rewards, you’re missing out on money you can put toward the growth of your business. 


For the sake of simplicity, let’s start by looking at the top 10 corporate card rewards you can get on your RazorpayX Corporate Card and how they can help you spend less and save more. These corporate card rewards can give you money off the products and services essential for operating and expanding your business.

Top 10 corporate card rewards on RazorpayX Corporate Cards 

1. Free Razorpay Payment Gateway credits: One of the first corporate card rewards you can get with your RazorpayX Corporate Cards is free Razorpay Payment Gateway credits equivalent to 50% of your corporate card spends on a monthly basis. For instance, if you make spends of 100,000 through your corporate card, you will get 50,000 worth of free payment gateway credits. A win win! 

2. Free airport lounge access: With your RazorpayX Corporate Card can get you eight complimentary lounge accesses across India. You can also avail discounted access to airport pickup and drop, shopping, airport dining, airport spa, and much more! These corporate card rewards are perfect for frequent travellers.

3. $10,000 worth free AWs Activate credits: AWS Activate provides startups with a host of benefits that help you scale your business quickly, and no wonder it makes it to the list of top 10 corporate card rewards. And with RazorpayX Corporate Card, you get $10,000 worth of free AWS credits. Some of the services that can consume the credits are Amazon EC2, Amazon EKS, Amazon Lightsail, Amazon Machine Learning, Amazon Route 53, Amazon VPC, AWS Backup, AWS IoT, AWS Lambda, AWS Security Hub, AWS Shield, and many more. If you use the services that are covered by the credits, your bill will be $ 0.00 until you use all the credits or the credits expire.

4. $2500 worth of free Shopify credits:
Every e-commerce seller knows the value of Shopify – a specialised e-commerce platform that gives you the tools to build your very own online store. At RazorpayX, we want to make your life easier and help you save some cash in the process. If you set up an online store on Shopify with RazorpayX Corporate Cards, you can get up to $2500 worth of free credits. Using these credits, you can run your store for up to two years at zero cost! Awesome, right?

5. Google Ads credit: Get $500 free Google Ad credits when you spend $500 (via Adzooma) with your RazorpayX Corporate Card. You can use this credit to create ads that appear in search results and other places in the Google Network.

6. Lowest FX fee in India: A foreign transaction (FX) fee is a surcharge on your corporate card bill that comes up when you make purchases that either pass through a foreign bank or is in a currency other than USD (US dollar). While most banks offer an FX fee of 3.5%, RazorpayX Corporate Cards has the lowest FX fee in India – 1.99%! So every time you make online purchases from foreign merchants or pay international vendors, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

7. Three months of free RazorpayX Payroll: An exclusive Neobanking report for SMEs in India has pointed out that businesses lose about 113 hours per year and Rs. 4.5 lakhs in the payroll process due to continued dependence on traditional systems. With RazorpayX Corporate Cards, you can get: 

  • Three months of free RazorpayX Payroll for your company (ordinarily INR 100 per employee/month)
  • No implementation or one-time fees for compliance filings
  • Form 16 generation at the end of the year
  • Tax document verification of employees

8. 40% off* on Google Workspace annual subscription: Whether you’re a small business or a well-established startup, the list of reasons to use Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is pretty long. In short, Google Workspace gives your organisation more control and features so that you can secure documents and data, collaborate more effectively and leverage advanced features and programs to make your teams faster, more collaborative and better informed than ever. And the good news is, if you plan on taking an annual subscription for Google workspace through RazorpayX Corporate Cards, you can get a 40% off on the entire pricing while checking out. 

9. Co-working spaces: A comfortable and efficient workspace is essential to any business’s success. While there are many benefits, choosing the right co-working space can be difficult. However, with RazorpayX Corporate Card, you can get discounts running from 10-20% on various co-working spaces such as Regus, Spaces, Coworker, The Executive Center and more!

10. ET Prime: ET Prime is a members-only business storytelling platform from the house of The Economic Times, India’s oldest and most trusted business news brand. With RazorpayX Corporate Cards, you can get 25% off on annual ET Prime Subscription


Other RazorpayX Corporate Card Rewards 

Save on digital marketing expenses with RazorpayX Corporate Cards

  • Instagram: Get 5% off on monthly management fee of $730 for a three-month Instagram Advertising Package with a monthly ad spend of up to $3500. Additionally, get 10% off on a monthly management fee of $730 for a six-month Instagram Advertising Package with a monthly ad spend of up to $3,500
  • Pipedrive: Get 25% off on your first year annual subscription of Pipedrive 
  • Facebook: Sign up for a minimum of 3 months meta advertising package with MeDigit and get a flat $100 discount each month for the first three months on monthly agency fee

Save on productivity tools with RazorpayX Corporate Cards 

  • Docusign: Get a minimum of 10% off and up to a maximum of 30% off on an annual DocuSign Business Pro Package 
  • Dropbox: Get 40% discount for new users subscribing for their first year of Dropbox Business Standard or Dropbox Business Advanced
  • SkyRoam: Get $20 off the regular price when you purchase a Solis Lite with Power Bank and 5GB of Global Pay-per-GB Data

Save on learning and development with RazorpayX Corporate Cards 

  • Coursera: Get 10% off on courses on Coursera
  • Emeritus: Get 15% off on selected online courses on Emeritus
  • Eruditus: Get 10% off on selected online courses on Eruditus

Save on travel with RazorpayX Corporate Cards 

  • Global Airport Concierge: Get 15% off on Airport Meet and Greet Services to fast-track your travel experience at select airports across the world
  • MakeMyTrip: Get instant discounts of up to INR 2000 discount on domestic flights and up to INR 5,000 on domestic hotels 

Save on marketing services with RazorpayX Corporate Cards 

  • WebEngage: Get 20% off on all annual plans along with a complete waiver off on the initial integration/one-time setup expenses of $3,000+ on WebEngage
  • EasyLeadz: Get 20 extra credits on start up plan and 10 extra credits on scale up plan

Save on telephony services with RazorpayX Corporate Cards 

  • FreshWorks: Get $10,000 free credits across the Freshworks suite (Freshsales, Freshdesk, Freshchat, Freshcaller, Freshmarketer, Freshteam, Freshservice and more!)
  • Exotel:  Get 30% extra credits* on your first payment with 1 month of extra validity
  • Knowlarity: Get 20% off on the first-year subscription for Super Receptionist for Basic, Advanced and Premium packages
  • Kaleyra: Get additional 20% credits on recharging your Kaleyra account on a minimum recharge amount of $200 and up to a maximum credit of $200

Choosing the best corporate card rewards will depend on your business spending habits, needs and goals. If you want to scale your business, corporate card rewards could be a stepping stone to reaching your goal. So what are you waiting for?


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