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Scaling a business and achieving business growth is not easy. It takes a lot of effort, patience, and rigor to thrive in a saturated market. And this is yet another story that tells you how smart choices pay off.

We’ve been talking about Vedika, an entrepreneur, who got herself into several tight spots as she was trying to augment her online business, Decor Wise. After she was able to take her business online and offer cash-on-delivery as a payment option to her customers, business was booming.

Especially since festivities were in the air, she received orders from all over the country, one after the other. Everything she could hope for was coming her way. Kismet was in her corner. She had done it. 

But had she?

Just as she was letting out a sigh of relief, she found herself in another sticky situation – operational efficiency.

business growth

Now, back to Vedika and her setback. 

You may wonder. Why does this matter? She’s clearly doing well, her sales are off the charts, she’s making profits. Where does she have to improve efficiency?

The grand expansion for Business Growth

In chapter 2, we talked about how Decor Wise grew extremely popular. Vedika set out to offer her homeware, decor, and furniture to her customers in tier-2 and 3 cities across the country. She couldn’t possibly do that all by herself, could she? Certainly, she had to get help. 

She needed people to help her run operations, handle sales in her offline stores, carry out marketing activities, keep a check on inventory, take care of customer support, and manage payroll for all the employees she’s about to hire. 

Apart from that, she needed vendors to help her with raw materials, manufacturers to speed up production, and a logistics partner to take care of packing and shipping. Lastly, she needed a bigger office for her employees. 

And so it began. 

What? Where? How?

Vedika managed to get all the help she needed quickly. She was able to put her dream team together sooner than she anticipated. And now, things should run like a well-oiled machine. And they did. Her employees were able to weigh in and take care of day-to-day operations without too much help from her. 

But now, she had a whole new set of problems coming her way. So, she sat down and thought to herself.

business growth

Finding the cure-all

Vedika tried doing everything by the books. But by the looks of it, she knew she couldn’t take care of all these things by hand. And, based on her previous experience, she’d learned that temporary solutions don’t stick.

And then it occurred to her. 

Razorpay had come to her rescue a few times now. She was able to take Decor Wise to the online space at lightning speed, offer different payment options to her customers, including CoD and PrePay CoD, and solve the RTO problem using Razorpay’s offerings. 

So, without a sliver of doubt on her mind, she decided to give RazorpayX a shot to unlock business growth of her e-commerce business. 

The business banking hub had everything Vedika needed. She quickly got her business on RazorpayX and applied for a current account. In the meanwhile, she was still able to add beneficiaries on the platform and start transacting with them immediately.

Money in, money out

In just a few days, her current account was all set. And soon enough, it was the end of the month – time to make vendor payments. 

Vedika received invoices from her vendors, manufacturers, suppliers, and logistics partners. RazorpayX Vendor Payments captured all the necessary data from these invoices, made TDS calculations, and then paid everyone. It also automatically paid TDS on her behalf to the government.  

She no longer had to worry about making timely payouts or missing due dates. She didn’t have to worry about cooling periods after adding beneficiaries or bank holidays. Everything was at her fingertips. 

And, just like that, money movement became so easy. 


Decor Wise accepted CoD. And, there were quite a few times when customers had returned their CoD order. The puzzler here was making refunds to CoD customers since she didn’t have their bank account details. That’s when Payout Links saved the day. 

All Vedika had to do was create a Payout Link on RazorpayX and send it to her customer. They were able to receive the refund instantly into their preferred bank account. This really improved her customer loyalty and trust. 

The standout feature for her was the Dashboard. It acted as an all-inclusive financial CRM where every aspect of her business banking was in one place. The insights helped her understand her finances like never before.


And, things were smoothing over again. 

Paycheck, check!

Month end. We’re still there. 

Also, time for her employee salaries!

Vedika being Vedika, didn’t outsource payroll. She took care of it by herself using Opfin. The software automated every bit of payroll, from calculations to processing salaries, and everything in between. 

Opfin also took care of compliance. Vedika didn’t have to worry about TDS or Professional Taxes ever again. She simply had to make one click, and her payroll was sorted.

“What I love about Opfin is that it gives my team a lot of control. They can view their payslips, update their documents, get reimbursements, etc. whenever they want!”

This way, she was able to focus on other crucial tasks and not put anything on hold to make payroll calculations.

The next chapter to unlock Business Growth 

Vedika was able to scale her business and work towards improving her operational efficiency with RazorpayX. She could successfully reduce time and effort by 40%, to perform calculations, make payments, and deal with payroll and compliance. 

She also saw a great deal of repeat customers because of the experience they had with receiving instant refunds. 

And now, she’s on her way to #UnlockGrowth for Decor Wise. 

What is Vedika up to next? – Keep a lookout, and we’ll tell you more about her journey in chapter 4!

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