Razorpay is the only converged payments solution company in India that allows your business to accept, process, and disburse payments via its product suite. With Razorpay, you have access to all payment modes, including credit and debit cards, UPI, and popular mobile wallets.

The most crucial quality of a payments solution is the ability to scale itself to meet your growing demands. At Razorpay, we are devoted to making sure you have the best payments infrastructure in place.

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7 reasons why Razorpay payment may be the right choice for you:

#1 You want to easily add payments to your website or app, with a seamless checkout experience

Razorpay’s Payment Gateway is a system designed to handle end-to-end payments.

Have we told you how easy it is to integrate our Payment Gateway? You can go live in minutes, especially because our Payment Gateway is built for developers. The APIs, plugins, and libraries are very dev-friendly.

Razorpay’s Payment Gateway supports the most extensive set of payment modes. From domestic and international credit/debit cards to UPI and mobile wallets, we’ve got you covered. 

#2 You need a wide range of payment solutions and services to support your versatile business

How would you reduce periodic collection cost, increase monthly recurring revenue, reduce churn, and offer better user experience to your customers, all at the same time?

With a subscriptions model, of course! 

Offer your customers plans with automated recurring transactions on many payment modes.

With Razorpay’s Subscriptions, you can onboard subscribers from all around the world! Subscriptions also supports multiple billing models. Which means –

  1. You can automate your fixed price recurring charges to your customer around a fixed schedule 
  2. You have the flexibility to charge your customer based on number of users or quantity per billing cycle 
  3. You can charge your customer only for what they consume in a billing cycle

Let’s say you’re dealing with a one-off use case where you wish to accept payments from your customers. Could be something like a workshop or even raising funds for charity. Would you build a whole new eco-system for this?


Create a Razorpay Payment Link or a Payment Page and share with your customers via email, text message, or social media, without creating a separate integration!

With either one of Razorpay’s products, you get to accept payments from 100 currencies from all over the world!

#3 You want to target your efforts towards specific areas of your business based on data and insights

Decision making is a crucial aspect of any business. And, data plays a huge role in this process since it enables you to form business contingency, as you can predict future trends and optimize your current efforts.

Razorpay’s dashboard is the most comprehensive, data-driven, and an analytical dashboard that serves your purpose. 

The dashboard helps you evaluate real-time data and draw insights from the extensive reports, so you make better and informed business decisions.

#4 You want to manage and track money movements to vendors, customers, employees, and more

We understand traditional payments and disbursals can be a pain. With traditional banking, you end up spending many hours of manual labor every month because of multiple buggy software and complex infra systems. 

Money movement views can also be super tricky because of complexity. Oh, and let’s not forget that you’ll receive no insight on payouts to make impactful business decisions.  

Not anymore.

With RazorpayX, you get to simplify, accelerate, and supercharge every aspect of your financial operations! From accepting payments and managing cash flow to reconciling transactions and flexible payouts.

You end up saving 10x time because of instant payouts with reduced manual effort, also providing a superior customer experience.

RazorpayX provides you with a unified platform that helps you make, control, track, and analyze all forms of money movement from its powerful dashboard.

You can also manage and track money movement to vendors, customers, employees, etc. through the in-depth Financial CRM.

The result, you ask?

You make informed, impactful business decisions with off-the-shelf analysis on payouts mode!

Say bye bye to traditional banking with RazorpayX!

#5 You leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing your customers with the best support there is

As your business grows to see new heights, you are definitely in need of highly responsive customer service. What good is a product if the customer support is slouchy?

Your customers’ problems are our problems.

With Razorpay’s remarkable Customer Support, you don’t have to worry about clarifying any payments related setbacks to your customers. We’ll solve all problems for you, and in turn, help you serve your customers better.

Your customers spend less time on hold and have their problems solved at lightning speed.  

Our Customer Support offers live support for you and your customers. And, by that, we mean real people and not bots. 

#6 You want to open up new revenue streams by expanding your business on a global scale

With Razorpay’s International Payments, you get to open an entirely new channel of acquisition and grow your business to a whole new level! 

We understand payments more than anyone, and it only makes sense that we support you when you take your business to the world. 

Give your business state-of-the-art payments infrastructure with Razorpay’s International Payments. 

With over 100 currencies supported on the platform, experience seamless payments from any part of the world with real-time currency conversion!

You can integrate the Payment Gateway in minutes or give your international customers, subscription plans with automated recurring transactions.

You can share payment links via text messages, email, and more or create custom-branded Payment Pages to accept international payments online.

You can also send your global customers invoices that are GST complaint, with item-level details and accept payments through the many many payment modes we support!

#7 You want highly reliable fraud prevention and security

We understand that most people have different security concerns while making online transactions. It’s hard-earned money, after all. With so many people making purchases online, there is a growing need to make sure that all the information they enter is safeguarded.

And, we are highly motivated to provide robust security, so this sensitive info doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. This is where Payments Compliance comes to the picture. 

Created, mandated and registered by the branded cards and Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is the set of rules that makes sure that every transaction is safe and no data is lost.

All of Razorpay’s products are secured by an industry-standard 100% PCI DSS compliant and certified solution.

So, did you nod your way through thinking “yes, I need that!”? Then, get started with Razorpay now!

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