We are standing at 2020 and anyone can build a website without any knowledge on design, coding and web development. You can easily create a website for your business by using the right set of tools and resources within a day’s time. Even other prerequisites required to start your online business like domain, email campaign creator etc. are easily available at cost-effective prices. 

However, with a plethora of choices available, it gets difficult to finalise on one service provider quickly. Users often feel the need to use the 14 days or 30 days trial to make a decision before paying a lump sum amount to the service provider. 

This article will help you with a solution when you are not sure of one service provider for your long-term plan but want to showcase your product and services and get started with your business. 

Benefits of an online business

By now, both businesses and customers have realised the importance of online commerce. While for customers it’s more convenient, diverse and lucrative, for businesses it serves more benefits. Listed below are some of them: 

  • 24*7*365 availability
  • Worldwide reach through effective optimization
  • Reduction in the operational costs
  • Better options to enhance customer experience 
  • Higher customer retention through effective strategies
  • Ability to manage the business from anywhere, anytime

These are just some of the many benefits of having an online business. Let us take an overview of the top website builders in the market in 2020. 

Top website builders for businesses


A platform that emerged as one of the best blogging platforms, it has now become a go-to for many entrepreneurs as well. It has built an ecosystem of third-party plugin creators. There’s a plugin for everything: podcasts, maps, languages and so on. However, unlike most of the other website service providers, WordPress is not a drag-and-drop platform. It requires integrations and might take time till it’s ready to roll out. It is ideal for users who have some technical knowledge or have previously worked on WordPress.


One of the platforms that has been getting a lot of traction recently is Squarespace, mainly because of the simple yet sophisticated templates it offers. Other things that make it stand out is a lot of whitespace, bold typography and beautiful layouts. It is highly recommended for freelance designers, writers and video creators. 


Wix offers you the maximum number of customizable themes (approximately 500+ themes) and that is what makes it stand out from the rest. It also offers an ‘App Market’ for a range of features and easy integrations. Unlike other website builders, Wix’s unstructured editor allows you to drag and drop elements anywhere you want on a page and not just in a specific real estate. Wix is recommended for users who want a lot of freedom to customize things while designing a website. 


Synonymous to the best e-commerce website builder, Shopify has essentially dominated the particular domain by its innovative capabilities. Shopify has constantly improved its builder while keeping simplicity for the user as its core thought. Shopify’s ‘App Store’ is its biggest differentiator. If you are looking out to build something that’s pure e-commerce, Shopify is the answer. 

The above mentioned are the top 4 sites that are highly recommended from us and users worldwide. However, even if these builders are easy-to-use and can get you live within minutes. Have you ever reached that state where you just can’t decide which one to go for? Add to it the desire to go online and make the best of the time and you are found in a state of dilemma

“How about spending ample time on these website builders before buying one for yourself?” 

“What about my business?” you ask. 

“Get on board with Razorpay Payment Pages until you have finally come to a conclusion.’” we say.

What is Razorpay Payment Pages

Razorpay Payment Pages is designed to assist individuals and startups to accept online payments from their customers, even if they don’t have a website or an app. They can easily create a storefront within 5 minutes and start accepting payments via credit and debit card, netbanking, UPI and more. 

That’s not all. You can also accept international payments from your customers from across the globe. The best part you ask? This requires no coding or technical knowledge. 

Payment Pages helps you build a proper web page with customized content, ready-to-use template, media support and social media sharing option: everything that you need in the initial stages when you open the door and step into the online world! 

Share the Payment Page with your customers, add it to your social media channels, share across groups over social media channels like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. and let your customers explore your products. When they finally find what they are looking for, they can add it to their cart and pay within minutes.

Advantages of using Razorpay Payment Pages

  • Everything from creating a page to collecting payments can happen within minutes
  • Zero coding effort with a customizable theme
  • Customs URLs that align with your brand name, so that they are easy to remember
  • Social media sharing, an elaborative dashboard for easy reporting and agile customer support

To know more about Razorpay Payment Pages, read this article: Build Your Own Online Store With Razorpay Payment Pages 

Does it look like this can be your go-to while you conduct your research? Well then, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and make that dream come true within minutes! 

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