We will start with a simple question. How many of you like to read promoted posts in your feed? 

Let me help you here. None. Because today, people, in general, don’t want to read as much and images aren’t nearly as dynamic. 

YouTube videos, Snapchat clips, GIFs and Instagram are the most preferred social media platforms for the new generation. Also, thanks to more exceptional technology and user expectations, video marketing will become even more exclusive in 2019 and beyond. 

Video has dominated social media. And, to ensure your video marketing campaigns wham your objectives and push your social media forward, here are some hacks to cut through the noise.

1. Sell by not selling

According to a report from HubSpot Research, more than 50% of consumers want to see videos from brands. There is a ton of sales muddle on the internet that repels and annoys your customers. Don’t let your brand be that annoying orange. Instead, centre your message around the story and not the sale. 

For instance, apply the same rules of written content marketing to your campaign–add value for your customers. Personalise your videos and strike your audience’s heart with an emotional appeal to heighten your brand awareness or any specific objective tied to the campaign. 

Pro Tip: Tell a great story

2. Shorter the better

Probably, one-fourth of your viewers will scroll away from a video within 15 seconds or less. Avoid lengthy and overstretched narratives, cut it short, and get to the point in the beginning 5-10 seconds to manage customer expectations. 

Pump in the element of surprise by building curiosity, ask questions and use teasers to hook your customer’s attention. Immediately convey the value, Inspire them, make them laugh and give them enough reason to watch. 

Pro Tip: Build foundational knowledge with How-To videos

3. Introduce humour. Don’t be boring 


When it comes to social media, younger generations are more open to humour. As a brand, this is your chance to try something unconventional. 

Very often in the B2B world, people get panicky about comedy and say it doesn’t belong here. Think again, will someone follow your social media profile just to watch what you have to say about your product? 

Therefore, it’s essential to build a connection, stay relevant and show your audience that you are not firing automatic tweets. Give them a reason to stay. 

Pro Tip: It’s easy to imitate your competitor’s stiff tone, but can you crack a joke and standout?

4. Don’t forget SEO

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, and people turn to the website for DIY videos, to be entertained, learn something new, etc

The creation of unique content is essential, but it’s equally important to ensure that your target audience can find the content. And, search engine optimisation is one of the most effective ways to boost the visibility of your content.  

To ensure your videos gets seen, tag your videos with relevant keywords, fully explained descriptions and unique titles. Publish and share your content on relevant platforms, add subtitles, and introduce good quality imagery via custom thumbnails to sell your video.  

Maximise exposure by uploading content using each platforms’ native player because videos posted directly on a platform increases your chances for better engagement. Finally, measure your performance–determine what worked and what didn’t, and later, optimise your content.  

Pro Tip: If there’s a box, it has a purpose. Fill it up, because Google wants you to.


The idea of video marketing isn’t brand-new, but if you aren’t creating videos, you’re likely falling behind. And what matters to your audience is simple, raw and authentic content. 

Till then, keep hustling!

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