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Python Integration

The Razorpay Payment Gateway enables you to accept payments via debit card, credit card, netbanking (supports 3D Secure), UPI or through any of our supported wallets.

Supported Versions#

We support the following versions of python: 2.7, 2.7.6, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6


  1. Download the latest Source code zip file from the Releases section on GitHub.

  2. Unzip the file.

  3. Run the below command on your composer to install Razorpay.

    Copy$ pip install razorpay

App Details#

After setting up the client, setup your app details before making requests to Razorpay. Run the following command to setup your app details:

Copyclient.set_app_details({"title" : "<YOUR_APP_TITLE>", "version" : "<YOUR_APP_VERSION>"})

The data type for both the app title and version are string.

For example, you can set the title to Django and version to 1.8.17.


The Razorpay python SDK is released under the MIT License. Click here for details.