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RazorpayX - Postman Collection

We have a Postman collection to make the integration quicker and easier. Click the Download Postman Collection button below to get started.

This is a list of all APIs available in RazorpayX. Some of these APIs might not work in Test Mode.

Refer to the Test Mode section for more details.

Instructions to use the Postman Collection🔗

  • All RazorpayX APIs are authorized using Basic Authorization.

    • Add your API Keys in Postman. Selected the required API → Auth → Type = Basic Auth → Username = <Your_Key_ID>; Password = <Your_Key_secret>
  • Some APIs in the collection require data specific to your account such as account_number, contact_id and fund_account_id either in the request body or as a query parameter.

    • For example, the payout API requires you to add the account_number (your virtual or current account number from which the amount for the payout should be deducted) and fund_account_id (the Fund Account ID to which the payout should be made).
    • These parameters are enclosed in {} in the collection. For example, {account_number}.
    • The API throws an error if these are incorrect or do not exist in your system.

Refer to the APIs section for explanations about the API parameters.