Integrate With Flutter Custom SDK

Integrate the Razorpay Flutter Custom plugin with our native Android and iOS SDKs.

Flutter custom SDK is a wrapper for flutter framework that interacts with native our custom SDK (iOS and Android platforms). Flutter apps can interact with wrapper methods to initiate payment and other payment operations.

AndroidAPI-level 19 and later
iOSiOS 10 and later

Version No.Release DateChanges
1.3.303 Nov 2022Bug fixes
1.3.212 July 2022Feature : Sample app update payment_slection_page.dart
Bug Fixes :
  • getBankLogoUrlfix
  • Android fixes
1.3.005 May 2022Features :
  • Cocoapod support for iOS native dependency
  • Auto fetching of latest android dependency

Bug fixes and performance improvement
1.2.307 April 2022Feature : Dashboard monitoring and alerting
Bug Fix : Android fix
1.2.214 Mar 2022Bug Fixes :
  • Build issue on flutter run
  • iOS fix on Payment cancel callback

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