Create a WordPress Website

Create a WordPress website and embed a Razorpay Payment Button to accept payments from customers.

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems out there. You can quickly build a website using WordPress and embed the Razorpay Payment Button to accept payments from customers.


Given below are the steps to create a WordPress website.

For Windows Users🔗

See: Installation steps for Windows

For Mac Users🔗

To install WordPress on your Mac system:

  1. Download the latest version of MAMP and install it on your Mac system. This software enables you to manage your websites locally.

  2. Install the downloaded file using the wizard and save MAMP in your Applications folder.

  3. Navigate to the MAMP folder.


    In the folder, click the MAMP icon:

  4. Click Start Server to run the server on your system.


    The server status appears green once they are ready.

  5. Click Open WebStart Page. The server starts running on your browser as shown:

  6. We must set up a MySQL database for the WordPress website. This is done using phpMyAdmin.

  7. Navigate to the WordPress application you had downloaded.

  8. Rename the WordPress folder. Provide a name relevant to the site you will be building/testing locally. For example, teafactory. Add the teafactory folder in htdocs of your MAMP directory.

  9. Open the browser and type in the URL pointing to your site folder. For example, localhost:8888/teafactory. Select the language of your choice and click ContinueLet's Go.

  10. Enter your database details. Provide a name for the database and enter root for both the database username and password. Click Submit.

  11. Provide the required general site information (which you can change later), as well as your login information in WordPress.

  12. Click the Install WordPress button. With this, your website is ready.