Onboard Businesses

Integrate with our Co-branded Onboarding UI OAuth and seamlessly onboard businesses to your Platform or Marketplace.

Co-branded onboarding is a pre-built UI for Razorpay Partners that assists in building a native business onboarding flow. It enables Partners to onboard sub-merchants to Razorpay right from their platform.

Co-branded Onboarding UI offers customisation for Partners to configure colour, theme, logo and brand name to mimic your platform environment.

Feature Request

This feature is currently in beta and is enabled on demand. Raise a request with our

or your Razorpay point-of-contact to get this feature activated.

Custom onboarding experiences - Razorpay for Platforms

Onboarding flow for Platforms

As you can see in the above animation, onboarding starts and ends within your platform while taking the user through a Razorpay-hosted onboarding journey that you can customise per your needs.

Given below is the workflow:

  1. As a Partner, you create an application on your Dashboard and download your client credentials.
  2. The sub-merchant visits the section of your platform with the embedded Razorpay Payments setup.
  3. They click Connect with Razorpay and visit the Razorpay authorisation URL you initiated with the client credentials downloaded in Step 1.
  4. They complete the guided onboarding process and are redirected to an authorisation window.
  5. The sub-merchant gives authorisation, which allows Razorpay to connect their sub-merchant account to your Partner account.
  6. On successful authorisation, Razorpay redirects the user back to a URL configured by you in your application settings. While redirecting, Razorpay shares an authentication code. You need to use this Auth code in the token API request to generate an Auth token.

This completes the connection setup. Use this token to start accepting payments on behalf of the sub-merchant.

To integrate with our Co-branded UI:

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