Offers on Payment Links

Provide offers to customers using Payment Links APIs.

Using Razorpay Offers, you can provide discounts or cashback on Payment Links issued to customers. You can restrict the payment methods on which the Offers are applied and limit their usage to a defined time period.

There are two ways in which you can display offers on Payment Links:

  • Method 1: Without Integration
  • Method 2: With API Integration

Method 2: With API Integration🔗

You can include the offers in the create Payment Link API request. This is necessary if you want a specific offer to appear for the customer's use.

Steps to Integrate:

  1. Create an Offer on Razorpay Dashboard.
  2. Pass Offer_id in Payment Link Create API.

Step 1: Create an Offer on Razorpay Dashboard.🔗

While creating the offer on Razorpay Dashboard, enable the Checkout Visibility option.

Learn more about Offers.

Each offer has an offer_id associated with it. For example, offer_F4WMTC3pwFKnzq.

Add the offer_id parameter in the request body.

Request Parameter🔗

You must pass the parameters described below along with the regular request parameters passed to create Payment Links via API.

options mandatory

array Options to associate the offer_id with the Payment Link. Parent parameter under which the order child parameter must be passed.

order mandatory

array The parameter under which the offer_id must be passed.

offer_id mandatory
string Unique identifier of the offer created in the previous step. For example, offer_F4WMTC3pwFKnzq.

Response Parameters🔗

Descriptions for the response parameters are present in the Payment Link Entity parameters table.

Ensure you do not enable partial payments on Payment Links on which offer is being applied.