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Implement Thematic Changes in Payment Links Checkout Section

You can modify the top bar theme element of the Checkout UI on the payment request page to restrict customers from navigating to the initial screen of Checkout and selecting a different payment method.

Request Parameters🔗

List of request parameters to be used with the Create Payment Link API to customize the Checkout UI theme element.


array Options to show or hide the top bar. Parent parameter under which the checkout and theme child parameters must be passed.

checkout mandatory

array The parameter for the Checkout section.


array Modifies the thematic elements of Checkout.

hide_topbar mandatory
boolean Used to display or hide the top bar on the Checkout. This bar shows the selected payment method, phone number and gives the customer the option to navigate to the initial Checkout screen and change the payment method. Possible values are:
  • true - Hides the top bar.
  • false (default) - Displays the top bar.