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What’s new?

With the update, Payment Pages is now much more functional than ever! The new power-packed features enable your online store to collect payments seamlessly, while you focus on providing your customers with brilliant user experience.

  1. Multiple listings
  2. Smarter purchase controls
  3. Reordering input fields
  4. New input fields
  5. Intuitive reporting
  6. Dynamic mobile experience 
  7. Embeddable Payment Request button
  8. Redirecting your customer

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Accepting payments online is one of the most challenging aspects of owning a business. If you’re a small or medium-sized company, then we don’t have to tell you how difficult it can be.

Although there are a good number of payment processing companies out there, the problem still persists.

Let’s see how we can tackle this problem in a very simple and effective way.

You could be a small startup offering online solutions or services, a social media seller, someone offering workshops and courses, or even someone fundraising for charity.

The single most challenging facet of this is – how to accept payments?

To accept payments online, the first thing you need is a website. Next, a payment gateway integration. And, money, of course.

If you don’t have a website already, building one is going to take you some time.

Oh, and this can be very expensive because you have to host your website and develop it constantly. If not a website, an app.

A payment gateway is essentially the way you’d look after you have a website in place. But you’ll end up looking the other way when you learn about the charges, the amount of time it takes to get integrated, and the technical efforts it needs.

You are an SME, and it doesn’t always make sense to spend that kind of money.

What then?

How about a page that is not hosted or developed by you, but has your branding, and accepts online payments for you?

Razorpay Payment Pages is literally just that! Whether you have a website or you don’t, whether you have an app or you don’t, you can still accept payments online through Payment Pages.

It is the easiest way to accept payments with custom-branded hosted pages.

Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs can take their business online and accept payments with limited technical knowledge and even less set-up time.

How does Payment Pages work?

Razorpay Payment Pages is specifically designed to accept payments online, even for a business that doesn’t have a website or an app.

You can effortlessly create a Payment Page in less than 5 minutes, go live and start accepting payments from your customers, without any support.

You can create your own Payment Page from scratch or choose from one of the templates that are already available to you. You can customize this Payment Page to suit your branding by including your logo and your brand colors.

How can Payment Pages enable your business?

Razorpay Payment Pages helps your business with end-to-end payment collection by allowing you to create your page without you having to host it, still allowing you to have a custom URL, which is an extension of your business.

This is going to remarkably bring down your costs already. Payment Pages enables you to capture customer data the way you’d want, with particulars you decide on.

Next, you have access to a dashboard that gives you detailed reports (and analytics) for payments collected via the hosted page.

And best of all, it will take you absolutely no tech expertise or effort to build yourself a Payment Page and go live.

Razorpay Payment Pages detailed view dashboard

Payment Pages also works for your one-off use where you have to accept payments, without having to create a separate integration.

You can simply link your Payment Page to your website where you need to accept payments.

All of this with complete security since Payment Pages is a part of the Razorpay’s core platform. Your Payment Page is secured by an industry standard 100% PCI DSS compliant and certified solution.

A few use-cases for Payment Pages

To further help you understand how Payment Pages can be used, here are some use-cases. You can view demo by clicking on each of the images.

Events and tickets – Our hosted Event Registration Payment Page is a quick and efficient way to register event attendees online. 

Payment Pages use case

Accept donations – Razorpay’s hosted Donations Page is the way to go if you’re raising money for a good cause.

This saves you valuable time, allowing you to focus on the cause.

Payment Pages use case

Sell products – Take orders around the clock using our Online Order template.

Payment Pages Use Case

Fee collection – Collect fees within seconds with our hosted form, without any paperwork.

Payment Pages use case

Create a Payment Page in just a few clicks

You can go live with your Payment Page in a matter of minutes!


What do our customers say about Payment Pages?

razorpay payment pages accept payments without website

Razorpay Payment Pages boasts of 700 customers as of March 2019 with the likes of Schindler, Swiggy, Don Bosco School, BMW Financial Services, Nestaway, Testbook, and FinanceBazaar, among others.


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