In the world of payment gateways, maximizing profit boils down to time and money. While using one payment gateway may seem like a money-saving choice, it’s risky. If your only payment gateway is experiencing downtime, you might lose revenue. The real solution? Meet Razorpay Optimizer – a game-changer you can integrate with just one click for a guaranteed success rate.

What is Razorpay Optimizer?

Razorpay Optimizer provides merchants with the remarkable ability to seamlessly utilize multiple payment gateways without the need for any coding. Optimizer is built to ensure consistently high success rates on all payment gateways, guaranteeing a smooth and reliable transaction process. 

With round-the-clock visibility into payment activities spanning various gateways, merchants can monitor and manage their transactions efficiently. Razorpay Optimizer empowers merchants to make cost-effective routing decisions, ultimately resulting in significant savings. Not only does it enhance financial efficiency, but it also saves valuable time and resources that would otherwise be expended on complex integration processes. 

In essence, Razorpay Optimizer is the key to unlocking a more profitable and streamlined payment gateway experience for merchants.

What does Razorpay Optimizer offer?

  1. Intelligent routing for high success rates

Razorpay Optimizer harnesses the power of data models to make informed routing decisions, resulting in an increased number of successful transactions and improved conversion rates for merchants. It lets you set routing rules and customize them as per your business requirements. 

  1. Seamless integrations

This plug-and-play solution reduces the time and effort spent on integrating and maintaining multiple Payment Aggregators/Payment Gateways (PA/PGs) for merchants. 

  1. Enhanced customer experience

Customers enjoy uninterrupted service, guaranteeing a superior experience and boosting conversion rates for merchants.

  1. Improved and fast decision-making

Razorpay Optimizer offers merchants a unified view of all payment data, enabling finance teams to expedite decision-making and eliminate the need for manual efforts in navigating diverse payment providers’ dashboards.

  1. Time savings

By removing engineering bandwidth in building integrations, and consolidating all payment-related data into a single platform, businesses save valuable time, streamlining their payment operations for greater efficiency.


How can you get started with Razorpay Optimizer?

Starting with Optimizer is a straightforward process. It merely involves enabling a feature in the backend, with the sole requirement being the creation of a Razorpay account. Once you’re set up, we can activate Optimizer for you, without any additional integrations necessary from your end.


How to start accepting payments using Razorpay Optimizer?


  1. Create a Razorpay account.
  2. If you are an existing Razorpay user, please raise a request with our support team to get this feature activated on your Razorpay account.

  • Integrate with Razorpay Payment Gateway

Begin by integrating your website, app, or e-commerce store with the Razorpay Payment Gateway using any of the available integration methods, such as Payments API. 

  • Add Payment Providers

Easily add Payment Providers by submitting your details through the secure self-serve flow in the Razorpay Dashboard. Your added details are fully encrypted and visible only on your Dashboard. 


  • Configure Routing Rules

Create dynamic routing rules on your Razorpay Dashboard based on parameters like payment method, transaction amount, issuer, and more. You can even set priorities for each rule to ensure transactions are routed to the best-performing gateway.

Watch this video to know how to add payment providers and configure rules using Optimizer

Why choose Razorpay Optimizer?

Quote for Razorpay Optimizer- Single Click Integration

This simplified integration process not only saves valuable time but also reduces costs significantly. On average, merchants can save more than 8-10 weeks of integration work each year, resulting in substantial financial savings, exceeding 26 lakhs. Cut to the chase, and swiftly start accepting payments through multiple gateways with Razorpay Optimizer.

Furthermore, merchants gain access to a wide array of payment methods, ensuring maximum flexibility for their customers. Whether it’s cards, UPI, net banking, Sodexo Meal Cards, or E-mandate, Optimizer seamlessly supports these options through various aggregators and banks.

Razorpay Optimizer is a versatile solution that is compatible with various platforms, including standard and custom checkouts on the web, Android, iOS, and Webview. This versatility ensures that merchants can reach their customers on multiple channels, enhancing accessibility and convenience for all parties involved.

But don’t just take our word for it. Experience the benefits of Razorpay Optimizer for yourself. Get a demo and discover how it can transform your payment gateway experience, leading to increased efficiency and profitability. Your journey towards payment optimization starts here.



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