Today, companies are so engrossed in their day-to-day business operations that they rarely consider the brand identity they are projecting.

Brand building is often perceived as a knotty task. As a corporate gifting company, Offineeds helps organisations create brand ambassadors out of their employees, customers and business associates.

“We believe custom merchandise is the simplest and most cost-effective way to empower them to lead conversations about the brand.”

Offineeds offers a B2B dynamic catalogue to many major organisations and plans to expand to major cities. But in the B2B sector, payment collection is a tedious task. Following up via phone, email, reminders, etc can be tiring.  

Razorpay Payment Links helped Offineeds achieve a significant improvement in the average time to collect payments. For non-corporate payments, the collection time came down from 18 days to just 3 days. 

Payment Links was an easy substitute for point-of-sale payment methods and directly integrated into Offineed’s ecosystem to enable the best experience for their business model.

Payment links can be a quick replacement for all your cash-on-delivery customers. Simply put, payment links are easy-to-use, versatile and mobile enough to manage all your online payments. It allows your customers to share the payment link via SMS, email, WhatsApp and social media, and they can pay through their preferred payment options.

“With Razorpay, it became as simple as ABC. The benefit of zero entry fee, a great easy-to-use UI got us started with Razorpay and we have never looked back.”

Collecting several payments was a big hassle for Offineeds. Razorpay provided the most convenient and customisable solution for Offineeds’ e-commerce brand stores. Compared to competitors, Razorpay proved to be the most reliable solution.

Offineeds is growing through the franchise route. The company aims to own 100+ franchises across India and serve major corporates in all cities.

Q&A with Srikanth Acharya, CEO, Offineeds

As a corporate gifting company, what is your mission statement?

Our mission is to help organisations create brand ambassadors out of their employees, customers and business associates. Marketing and Brand Building is at the core of any business and its employees, customers and dealers are its primary brand ambassadors.

Tell us about your offerings

Offineeds currently operates in Bengaluru and Chennai, where we have six experience centres.

Companies can choose from our two broad categories:

  1. a B2B dynamic catalogue displaying 4000+ products suited for corporate gifting
  2. BrandStore: an e-commerce store that we set up for our clients to offer their custom merchandise to their employees and clients 

What are the challenges that your company is trying to solve? 

Let’s say there’s an event in an organisation, and they need corporate gifts with their branding. And, browsing through an entire catalogue to find the right product can be difficult. 

Even if they shortlist a product, presenting it to their management can take a substantial effort. With our advanced search, we enable our customers to download the selected catalogue. 

How do you see your company growing in the coming years?

We plan to have Offineeds experience centres across all major cities or locations and aspire to increase our brand stores by 2022.


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