In times of strife as in times of calm, NGOs have always strived to make the world a better place. Today, amid crises and turmoil, NGOs are working day and night to ameliorate the lives of those hardest hit.

Online donations are at an all-time high for NGOs. In fact, there was a 180% surge in NGO donation transactions in the first 30 days of the lockdown.

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With donations pouring in from all parts of the world at such a rate, keeping up with receipts and invoices is no mean feat. Accepting donations, providing confirmations and generating 80G receipts for tax exemptions should not bog NGOs down when working for the cause is paramount.

We, at Razorpay, have done our bit to make online transactions seamless for NGOs. Razorpay Payment Pages has been instrumental in running several successful donation drives and even routine donation acceptance.

We’re taking a step further in our quest for innovating and creating the finest payment solutions with Payment Page Receipts

What are Payment Page Receipts?

Razorpay Payment Pages, since its launch, has made waves in the not-for-profit sector, enabling several NGOs to collect donations and sell products for their causes.

With Payment Pages Receipts, NGOs no longer have to generate 80G receipts manually. Confirmation receipts are generated instantly and are sent to donors via email as soon as their transaction is successful.

Why NGOs need Payment Page Receipts

Payment Page Receipts aim to help NGOs streamline their operations and ease a major chunk of their administrative burden.

Heavy involvement of manual labour

Generally, NGOs using Razorpay Payment Pages use their own invoicing mechanisms to generate invoices and receipts based on transaction reports. They download the donors’ names, email addresses and other details, and send the receipts manually. 

NGOs end up hiring individuals to manage their receipts and confirmations. Using multiple channels for confirmation adds to the workload, thereby consuming a lot of manhours. Hiring more employees just to keep up with receipts simply increases their operational costs, making the entire process quite expensive.

Data storage woes

Sometimes, donors do not remember the information they have entered in input fields. The situation gets worse if they have made multiple contributions. It can, thus, be extremely difficult for NGOs to keep track of receipts, sent and unsent.

To counter that, NGOs often store customer data and receipt particulars. However, maintaining sheets with such voluminous data is very cumbersome and time consuming.

Roadblocks in claiming exemptions

This is a major issue for NGOs and donors alike when it comes to claiming tax exemptions. As per Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, taxpayers can claim tax exemption on the amount donated to certain funds or charitable organisations. 

Donors often provide insufficient information while making donations, which results in the generation of non-80G compliant receipts being given to them. Later, the NGO staff have to dive into their records to confirm the donors’ particulars and regenerate appropriate receipts when they need to provide complete details for tax exemption.

With manual reconciliation and several means of communication involved, NGOs often take a very long time to send out these receipts. This is stressful for donors and NGOs alike, especially if there are last-minute requests for receipts by donors when they claim exemptions.

The antidote: Payment Pages Receipts 

Here’s how Payment Pages Receipts can make your life easier and operations smoother.

  • Reduced operating costs: You no longer need to hire someone just to send out and keep track of receipts. Payment Pages does it automatically for you
  • Immediate post-donation confirmation: The donor receives a receipt instantly after making the payment. No more keeping track of unsent receipts and delayed manual confirmations
  • Fewer support queries: With instant automated receipts, support queries can be avoided as the donor knows exactly what they have donated
  • Better for your brand: Instant confirmation helps cement the brand image and trust for all the transacting parties. Let your donors remember the good cause, not the hiccups in the payment experience
  • Storage simplified: The Razorpay Dashboard serves as a handy tool when it comes to storing your donors’ details and receipt particulars
  • Tax filing made easy: NGOs no longer need to go fishing into their records for their donors in the tax filing season, when the donors wish to claim tax exemptions. The receipts generated for NGOs with all the claim related information will be sent to them the moment they donate successfully

It’s your turn

Excited to try out Payment Pages Receipts for your NGO? We bet you are. Sign up here.

Haven’t made your payment page yet? Check out our Payment Pages demo and unlock the secret to seamless, hassle-free payments!

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