Imagine that you’re the owner of a thriving e-commerce store in India, selling exquisite handcrafted goods to customers across the globe. Orders are pouring in from the US, Europe, and beyond. But there’s a catch – your current payment gateway is failing to keep up with the influx of international transactions, leading to lost sales and frustrated customers!

You may wonder if there’s a solution that can handle diverse currencies and provide a seamless experience to accept or receive international payments in India from customers globally.

That’s where Razorpay International Payments steps in, transforming this challenge into a cakewalk. With support for over 160 currencies, extensive fraud protection, and seamless integration, Razorpay is designed to break barriers and double your success. 

You no longer have to rely solely on international payment gateways like Stripe. Now, you have the opportunity to try Razorpay International Payments, enabling you to conquer global markets and elevate your business to new heights!

Razorpay: Every Merchant’s Favorite Choice to Go International!


  • Comprehensive Payment Solutions

Our suite covers it all – from major cards like Visa, MasterCard, and Amex to alternative payment methods such as Trustly, Sofort, and Paypal. Whether your customers prefer traditional cards,  trending e-wallets, or bank transfers, we’ve got you covered.

  • Multi-Currency Support

Whether you’re dealing with dollars, euros, yen, or pesos, Razorpay offers extensive currency coverage across International Card Payments, Alternate Payment Methods, Paypal and multi-currency accounts.  With 160+ currencies, including 0 and 3-exponent coverage, Razorpay allows the business to expand globally without worrying about currency coverage. Razorpay MoneySaver Export Account on the other hand offers a local banking experience in 30+ countries, by simplifying international payments for Indian exporters through international wire transfers like ACH, SWIFT, SEPA, BACS, and Fedwire.

  • Flexible Billing, Seamless Management

Say goodbye to billing headaches! Razorpay International Payments supports all billing models, whether it’s recurring subscriptions or one-time payments. Plus, our multi-currency reconciliation feature ensures smooth financial management across borders, giving you more time to focus on growth.

  • Pioneering Compliance with Video KYC 

Razorpay International Payments has advanced global compliance for export payments by integrating Video KYC (Know Your Customer) into its onboarding process, making it one of the first payment aggregators to meet PA-CB and OPGSP guidelines.

  • Robust Fraud Protection

Razorpay Shield – India’s First Payments Risk Suite offers an equipped AI-ML dual Risk Engine that offers comprehensive fraud protection, safeguarding merchants and customers against unauthorized transactions. With advanced fraud detection mechanisms like 3DS 2.0 and real-time monitoring, your transactions are protected around the clock.

  • Chargebacks Management

While Chargebacks serve as a safety net for consumers, they can be a major pain point for merchants, leading to revenue loss and additional costs.  Razorpay International Payments has revolutionized the way you effectively handle chargebacks and safeguard your revenue with the best-in-class Chargeback Protection Program. Bid farewell to sleepless nights worrying about chargebacks and fraudulent activities.

  • Instant Onboarding, Faster Results

Get started with Razorpay International Payments in a snap! With just a single integration, you’re ready to go global. Plus, our 1-click Digital FIRS ensures you get the fastest turnaround time, keeping your business agile and responsive.

  • Maximizing your Profits

We believe in transparency and affordability. With competitive exchange rates and transparent fee structures, Razorpay International Payments ensures you get the best value for your money, doubling affordability compared to traditional gateways.

  • Best-in-class Success Rates

Our impressive success rate of over 70% ensures that your payments go through seamlessly, helping you capture time-sensitive opportunities and expand your global footprint faster. Our robust partnerships with local acquiring partners enable us to give you and your global customers a seamless payment experience, unbridled by payment failures. 

Seize the Global Markets with Razorpay International Payments!

Today, accepting International Payments is no longer a luxury but a strategic necessity for business growth. With Razorpay’s comprehensive suite of features, including extensive currency support, robust security, seamless reconciliation, and competitive pricing, merchants can expand their reach, increase revenue, and drive success on a global scale.

Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, Razorpay provides the tools and support you need to thrive in the global marketplace. Make the smart choice today and unlock the doors to international success with Razorpay.

Ready to take your business global? Get started now with Razorpay and revolutionize your international payment experience!


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