Chargebacks are a thorn in the side of many businesses, causing headaches, loss of revenue, and wasted time. However, with the right strategies and tools, handling chargebacks can be made much more manageable. In this blog, let’s delve into effective methods for reducing chargebacks, improving resolution time, and increasing your chances of winning disputes.

Understanding Chargebacks

Before delving into strategies for handling chargebacks better, it’s crucial to understand what they are and why they occur. Chargebacks are a form of consumer protection that allows customers to dispute unauthorized transactions or transactions that they are dissatisfied with. While chargebacks serve as a safety net for consumers, they can be a major pain point for merchants, leading to revenue loss and additional costs.

The Costly Consequences of Chargebacks on Businesses

Chargebacks loom as a threat, potentially causing losses of 2-3% of total revenue. Moreover, payment declines impact 33% of customers, contributing to a poor customer experience and leading to disengagement with the business. Chargebacks cause both direct and indirect costs like losing revenue, paying chargeback fees, missing out on processing fees, and facing other penalties. The costs linked to fraud chargebacks can quickly pile up and affect business growth. The impact of chargebacks on businesses extends far beyond direct financial losses, affecting customer satisfaction and overall growth prospects. With revenue, customer trust, and future opportunities at stake, mitigating the risks associated with chargebacks becomes imperative for sustained success. 

The Razorpay Approach for Better Chargeback Management

From implementing cutting-edge risk management systems to streamlining dispute resolution processes and maximizing win rates through strong representation, Razorpay has revolutionized the way you handle chargebacks and safeguard your revenue. Now, let’s explore some product developments that have enabled our merchants to handle chargebacks more effectively:

  • A Comprehensive Risk Management System

One of the most effective ways to reduce chargebacks is by implementing a robust risk management system. Razorpay Shield – India’s 1st Payments Risk Suite, offers advanced features such as a best-in-class risk engine powered by AI and ML algorithms. This engine analyzes every transaction against 100+ rules and dual risk scoring, significantly reducing the likelihood of fraudulent chargebacks.

  • Streamlined Dispute Resolution Processes

Time is of the essence when it comes to disputing chargebacks. To reduce resolution time and increase your chances of winning disputes, leverage tools like self-serve dispute dashboards. These dashboards allow for hassle-free acceptance and contestation of disputes, while automated dispute representation processes ensure that dispute resolution occurs swiftly. With Razorpay, resolution times have been decreased by up to 25%, ensuring that you get your money back as quickly as possible.

  • Maximizing Win Rates Through Strong Representation

Winning chargeback disputes requires timely and high-quality representation. Razorpay ensures that dispute evidence documents are submitted to banks before deadlines 100% of the time. Additionally, our chargeback experts work tirelessly to put forth the strongest case possible for your disputes, maximizing your chances of success. As a result, Razorpay boasts a high dispute win rate, providing peace of mind for merchants. 

Additionally, we would also recommend implementing some chargeback mitigation strategies that can help improve your Chargeback-To-Sales Ratio and Dispute Win Rate even more. 


As we conclude, it’s evident that chargebacks pose a significant threat to merchants, impacting revenue and customer relationships. However, equipped with the right tools such as Razorpay’s innovative solutions, merchants can turn these obstacles into an opportunity for growth. By implementing proactive strategies to reduce chargebacks, streamline resolution processes, and maximize win rates, businesses can protect their bottom line and foster long-term success. 

Razorpay is here to help you streamline your processes and maximize your revenue protection.

Ready to revolutionize your chargeback management? Reach out to us now!


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