In this Magic Checkout case study, explore Dermatouch’s commitment to blending science with exceptional customer service. This case study delves into their journey, the obstacles they encountered, and the pivotal role of Razorpay Magic Checkout—a one-click checkout solution—in helping them overcome these challenges.

About Dermatouch 

Dermatouch, a skincare and dermato-cosmetics company, was co-founded by two visionaries, Anish Nagpal and Amit Purswani. The brand, driven by a profound trust in science, addresses today’s common skin-related challenges caused by lifestyle, stress, pollution, sun exposure, and hormonal imbalances. Specializing in Dermocosmetics, they provide scientifically backed skincare solutions crafted after extensive research.

Their team of experienced dermatologists meticulously formulates each product, selecting ingredients through thorough research. Dermatouch upholds the highest safety and quality standards, subjecting all ingredients and formulations to dermatological testing and clinical trials.

Their commitment is to offer practical solutions, ensuring customer satisfaction in their journey to healthier skin. Whether you’re seeking to combat acne, reduce the signs of aging, address blackheads and pores, rejuvenate the under-eye area, achieve skin brightening, minimize stretch marks, tackle pigmentation issues, or explore a wide range of other skincare needs, the brand has tailored products to meet your individual requirements.

Their comprehensive product line encompasses solutions for each of these concerns, all supported by their unwavering dedication to scientific excellence and customer well-being.

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Support Failing Short of Expectations 

In Dermatouch’s perspective, the importance of a robust support team cannot be overstated. As they rightly put it, “when searching for a product, the quality of the support team often tops the list of priorities.” They understood that even the best products can run into issues at times. 

This posed a significant challenge for them; They sought a support team willing to listen attentively and offer effective solutions to the challenges they encountered. The brand was in search of a partnership that prioritized the fundamental necessity of comprehensive team support.

The Constant Battle Against Fraudulent Orders

Faced with the constant battle against fraudulent orders, the brand encountered multiple problems. When customers start placing fraudulent orders, common complications that a company can face are less revenue generation, inventory loss, refunds, and can even put a financial strain on a brand. 

Apart from the financial complications, a brand can go through a reputation risk, potentially shaking customer trust. Customers placing fraudulent orders can leave negative feedback, which can damage the brand’s reputation. 


The Magic Solution: How Dermatouch Found the Support They Needed

Dermatouch discovered the support they needed with Razorpay Magic Checkout, a one-click checkout solution. Magic Checkout’s support team proved to be a beacon of assistance. Their proactive approach, coupled with steadfast availability, ensured that the brand never felt alone in navigating this transformative journey. At every juncture, the support team was there, ready to guide them through each step, demonstrating a commitment to their success that was truly exceptional.

It didn’t take long for them to realize that Magic Checkout’s support went beyond business—it was about genuine care. This understanding led the brand to promptly adopt Magic Checkout, confident in their partnership with a support team that was both sincere and effective.

COD to Prepaid Transformation: Dermatouch’s Winning Solution

Dermatouch opted for Magic Checkout’s COD to Prepaid feature, improving payment dynamics and reducing COD fraud risks. This practical tool empowered a smooth transition from a significant portion of COD orders to prepaid, simplifying payments, enhancing customer experience, and boosting revenue.

With a customer-centric approach, the brand utilized the feature by engaging customers via personalized WhatsApp messages, incentivizing with discounts, and encouraging prepaid orders. Magic Checkout also efficiently managed COD orders, flagging potential RTO cases ensuring a secure transaction process.


Magic Checkout's impact on Dermatouch <> Magic Checkout case study

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Dermatouch on Razorpay Magic Checkout

Razorpay Magic Checkout’s support team is truly fantastic. They’ve consistently been by our side whenever we’ve needed assistance, and their steadfast support has been invaluable. Partnering with Magic Checkout has not only enhanced our support experience but also played a crucial role in reducing our share of COD orders while increasing the share of prepaid orders. For any e-commerce business seeking exceptional support and a boost in prepaid order share, we highly recommend Razorpay Magic Checkout.Team Dermatouch 

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If you find yourself facing challenges akin to Dermatouch, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Razorpay Magic Checkout. Our team is here to provide support, just as we did for Dermatouch. And if concerns about COD orders are causing you stress, rest assured that our COD to Prepaid order feature is available to alleviate those concerns.

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