RazorpayBillme Drives Relaxo’s retention

Founded in 1984, Relaxo is India’s largest footwear manufacturer and has carved a niche for itself as a beacon of quality and affordability in the Indian footwear industry. Relaxo caters to a wide spectrum of consumers, and presently has over 400+ physical stores and a strong online presence.

Stepping Over Hurdles: Relaxo’s Quest for a Seamless Billing Experience

Relaxo was in search of a solution that would

  • Fit seamlessly with their billing systems across all their store formats 
  • Enhance the shopping experience and scale with their expansion plans
  • Aid and complement their customer retention efforts
  • Prioritize planet-friendly, sustainable practices in its design and implementation

The Solution: Relaxo’s Seamless Shift from Paper to Digital billing

Faced with these challenges, Relaxo turned to RazorpayBillme, and our Digital Billing Powered Retention solution suite transformed Relaxo’s digital journey.

Digital Billing: The Perfect Fit For All Their Needs

In June 2022, Razorpay Billme was incorporated into more than 200 retail locations. Fast-forward to today, RazorpayBillme digitizes bills across 400 stores with a mix of store formats using different billing systems.

Relaxo uses RazorpayBillme’s feedback collection feature on the digital bill to collect in-store feedback after the shopping experience. This helps the central team and in-store teams get feedback to derive actionable insights

Retention Suite & CRM: Stepping Up Customer Retention

Using RazorpayBillme platform, Relaxo conducts multichannel campaigns. Their automated marketing campaigns include a clever mix of banners on the digital bill, SMS campaigns and much more. They also distribute personalized coupons in campaigns through our coupon distribution capability.

Beyond Billing: The Broader Impact of RazorpayBillme on Relaxo

Since the adoption of Razorpay Billme, Relaxo has witnessed a myriad of benefits, each contributing to the brand’s success and growth while saving more than 100 trees!

  1. Cost savings with Paperless BillingWith RazorpayBillMe, Relaxo has transformed its billing process by transitioning entirely to paperless billing. The majority of their customers now prefer digital bills, propelling the Relaxo brand to achieve a remarkable 93-95% digital billing rate. Generating over 2400 digital bills daily, Relaxo has not only slashed paper usage and saved operational costs but also created a new, eco-friendly channel of customer engagement. This is a part of Relaxo’s greater efforts to support sustainability and become eco-friendly.
  2. Boost in customer retentionWith our Retention suite and CRM, Relaxo unlocked business benefits with targeted marketing campaigns. A prime example is their cross-category promotions, such as a recent campaign on when customers purchase a Relaxo Sparx product triggered a discount code for Relaxo Boston shoes to them. This offer was prominently displayed on digital bills sent to customers via SMS, accompanied by a coupon code. The campaign outcome was impressive, with 10-12% repurchases. 
  3. Enhanced customer support efficiencyRelaxo’s customers get to share feedback and feel “heard” directly from the digital bill. On average, Relaxo receives 1100–1200 reviews every month, of which 70-80% are 5-star reviews indicating that customers enjoy their in-store shopping experience. In case of negative feedback, it is routed to the CRM team for swift resolution.

Growth Realized: Relaxo’s Success with RazorpayBillme

Integration of RazorpayBillme into Relaxo’s operations has been nothing short of transformative. By embracing digital innovation and leveraging advanced technology, Relaxo has succeeded in overcoming the challenges posed by traditional billing methods, paving the way for a new era of customer engagement and boosted retention. If you are also looking to digitize your billing processes and dramatically boost retention, RazorpayBillMe is highly recommended.

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