Fast, flashy and chic luxury cars, among all the other machines, are a part of our genetic make-up, which makes them unavoidable. 

I mean, who wouldn’t love to drop a gear and disappear, right? Most of us would, but the option of renting a luxury car was only available to only a few. 

Dealing with unknown vendors, non-transparent pricing, safety issues, and poor customer experience was a perpetual problem, says Raghav Belavadi, CEO, Hype – Luxury Mobility.

Hype – Luxury Mobility was founded in 2017 to eradicate the above problems faced by people. The company offers self-drive luxury car rentals, chauffeur-driven and long-term rental services.

With over 2,800 luxury cars in 7 cities of India, Hype provides the most extensive fleet size with the broadest range of selection to premium customers.

As a tech company selecting a competent tech-driven partner was our primary focus.

Razorpay offered excellent technological innovation, price model, security to Hype’s high-value transactions and customer management. 

The multi-level payment process, updated Github code, and the ability to choose many functions like security deposit, wallet partners, EMI, and Pay Later immensely helped Hype’s customers. 

Later, the company piloted it’s high-value transactions on Razorpay for 30 days and observed 100% efficient systems and 0% downtime on their national and international transactions. 

Razorpay payment gateway

The integration was flawless and boosted our transaction speed by 40%, POD efficiency by 23% and reduced the pricing overhead by 72%.

Hype has grown over 6X in 2019 and expects to expand its operations in two more countries by 2022. The company aims to become the largest luxury mobility company on land, water and air globally. 

Q&A with Raghav Belavadi, CEO, Hype – Luxury Mobility

What was the idea behind your company’s inception? 

Hype was founded in 2017, Bengaluru to address the perpetual problem associated with luxury car rental. People who wanted luxury cars for specific occasions got tangled with various issues like renting from unknown vendors, non-transparent pricing and zero customer service.

Luxury cars have always been eye candy for people, but everybody cannot own a luxury car. Also, there was no option for luxury car rental or self-drive. 

 Tell us about Hype’s offerings. 

Hype offers car rentals in self-drive, chauffeur driven and long-term rental options. With over 2,800 luxury cars in seven cities of India, Hype provides the broadest range of selection to premium customers.

We have started a new luxury yacht rental service in Goa and plan to expand to other regions like Mumbai and Kerala. One hundred twenty thousand hours of rentals, 465 crores of assets driven, and zero incidences reflect the supreme technology-driven operations management of Hype.

Why did you choose Razorpay as your payment service provider?

We are a technology company at the core, and selecting a competent and tech-driven partner is always the focus of our operations. 

There’s a small story behind it, too. One fine day, Harshil Mathur, CEO and Co-founder, Razorpay rented a sports car from Hype. And as a happy customer, he talked to me about the advantages of partnering with Razorpay. 

The timing was right! Excellent technology innovation, price model, customer management and easy integration made Razorpay our natural selection. 

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