AiSensy is an end-to-end WhatsApp engagement platform for businesses. Powered by WhatsApp Business APIs, the AiSensy platform helps brands drive revenues using WhatsApp by broadcasting offers, selling products, providing support, and much more. Founded by Gautam Rajesh Shelley, AiSensy has been part of the Razorpay Partner Program since [2022].

The Challenge: An incomplete journey without an end-to-end solution 

As a Razorpay Partner, AiSensy wanted to deliver its clients world-class business solutions that drove measurable growth for them.  

  • There was a key problem AiSensy wanted to solve for its clients. While WhatsApp was a great channel for showcasing products and services or engaging with customers, it was not a platform for sales. Accepting payments meant directing the user outside WhatsApp – this in turn meant a complicated payment journey and a completely broken user experience, leading to drop-offs.  
  • The other challenge that emerged due to this was to measure accurately the value it was adding to businesses through WhatsApp. Without any methods of direct ROI attribution, AiSensy was unable to demonstrate the immense value of its platform to clients. 

The Solution: In-app WhatsApp payments with Razorpay  

Razorpay’s native payments solution for WhatsApp revolutionized ROI attribution for AiSensy. It also enabled the AiSensy team to create a world of opportunities for its clients. 

  • A seamless customer journey: With the payment leg of the customer journey also taking place inside WhatsApp, AiSensy’s clients were able to deliver their customers a great buying experience and saw fewer drop-offs. 
  • Encouraging customer trust: With Razorpay on the checkout, AiSensy’s clients were able to earn the trust of new customers while accepting payments. 
  • Easy ROI attribution: With the journey starting and ending on WhatsApp, AiSensy was directly able to attribute any revenue increase to its platform. 

The Impact: Business growth enabled and sales pitch transformed 

  • Client revenue growth: AiSensy’s clients saw fewer drop-offs, leading to higher revenues. In use cases like abandoned cart recovery, reordering or invoice payments, WhatsApp has proven particularly effective. “Now, whenever a business generates an invoice or a Payment Link, they are able to collect payments over WhatsApp seamlessly. They’re not only collecting payments faster, they’re able to collect more payments.” 
  • A new confidence backed by measured impact: With AiSensy able to communicate value better, its entire pitch to clients has been transformed by WhatsApp payments. “I used to say we are driving 100x ROI but you couldn’t measure it earlier,” says Shelley. “But today, with the payments happening within WhatsApp, I’m able to show that we are driving 50x, 100x, or 200x revenue growth.”

I have seen this ‘wow’ expression in the eyes of users every time I have gone to an event and demonstrated the Razorpay payments experience on Whatsapp. Payments is that final piece of the puzzle that will turn WhatsApp into a complete commerce platform.” – Gautam Rajesh Shelley, CEO & Founder, AiSensy

AiSensy, has empowered brands like Shipyaari, CareerNinja, HRX by EatFIT, give.do, TrueFan to scale using the power of WhatsApp. If you are looking to do the same and offer your clients a robust payments experience, the Razorpay Partner Program is right for you.

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