In fiscal year 2023, card payments in India surged by 26%. It feels like just yesterday people were in long queues for cash during demonetization. Now, digital payments have skyrocketed thanks to tech advancements, government initiatives like Digital India, and changing consumer habits. The RBI’s enhanced security measures and the pandemic’s push for contactless payments have made paying with a card digitally incredibly convenient.

With this rise in card payments, Razorpay recognized how important it was to streamline the card payment experience for customers. A complicated card payment experience not only hampers customer satisfaction but also leads to drop-offs. With that in mind, Razorpay is all about making every tap in the payment process smooth and secure for your customers. We’ve introduced a customer-first card payment stack to ensure payments are as convenient as shopping.

CVV-Less Flow: Remove memory test for your customers

Remembering the CVV for every purchase can be a hassle for customers. That’s why Razorpay has introduced a CVV-less flow. Now, once customers save their card details with a merchant, they can simply select their card from the list of saved cards for all future payments, eliminating the need to enter the CVV each time. This change makes transactions faster, simpler, and just as secure. Additionally, this enhancement has resulted in a 4% increase in successful transactions. 

Native OTP: No more redirections

Entering the OTP is the last step in completing a card payment, but it can be a stumbling block. Customers are typically redirected to the issuing bank’s page to enter the OTP sent via SMS, leading to payment failures due to low internet speeds and drop-offs from redirections. Razorpay has tackled this with Native OTP, offering a seamless OTP experience right within the checkout page. This improvement has led to a significant increase in successful transactions, with a success rate boost of up to 4%. 

OTP Auto Read+Submit: Speeding up verification by 4x

Remembering an OTP before it disappears from the notification bar can feel like a sport no one signed up for. Your customers shouldn’t have to sprint to recall and manually enter OTPs sent via SMS, which can lead to errors. To tackle this, Razorpay introduces OTP Auto Read+Submit. By requesting user permission to access SMS messages, this feature automatically extracts the OTP and seamlessly populates it into the Native OTP page. This innovation not only speeds up the OTP process 4X but also boosts successful transactions by 2%.

Customers shouldn’t have to deal with complex payment experiences—they deserve the best, right at their fingertips.  Easily integrate our features and offer them that seamless experience. At Razorpay, we’re committed to ending the hunt for smooth payments by offering unparalleled convenience and security in every transaction. 

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