Convenience for your customers can translate into 4% higher conversions for you. Your customers love the thrill of browsing for hours and adding items to their cart. However, when it comes to checkout, they want to breeze through it. 

Every click counts, especially for card payments. But also, the fewer clicks, the better it is for your business. So, why not offer your customers a checkout experience so seamless that they don’t even need to remember their CVV? Sounds like a dream, right? Now it’s a reality!

Enter Razorpay’s CVV-less Solution- The Game Changer

cvv-less-otp-less- Razorpay CardsCustomers can now bid farewell to entering the CVV for saved cards. No more wracking their brains to recall those pesky three digits! Razorpay is once again leading the innovation in the payment landscape by becoming the first aggregator to introduce a seamless CVV-less flow across all card networks.


Cvv-less on Card Networks- Razorpay

CVV-less Payments- 100% RBI Compliant with tokenisation

Razorpay ensures the security of payments with its CVV-less solution through advanced tokenisation. This process replaces sensitive card information with a unique identifier or token, which can’t be used outside the specific transaction context. 

As a result, actual card details are never exposed during transactions, significantly reducing the risk of fraud. By leveraging tokenisation, Razorpay offers a robust layer of security, making CVV-less transactions both safe and efficient.

Unlock the Power of CVV-less with Razorpay 

  • Hassle-free Integration

Tokenisation across various networks can be done seamlessly with Razorpay Token HQ. It enables a single point of integration across all networks and issuer tokenisation solutions, which reduces maintenance efforts, eliminates the need for multiple integrations, and offers full control to the merchant over all tokens created.

  • Boost in Conversion

The removal of CVVs from your checkout page on saved cards not only enhances flexibility for your customers but also streamlines their payment experience. By eliminating just one step, you can significantly reduce friction, leading to a surge in conversions up to 4%. 

  • Fort Knox Security 

With Razorpay leading the charge, businesses can elevate the payment experience for their customers while safeguarding transactions with state-of-the-art security measures. Razorpay ensures full compliance with industry safety standards, providing a seamless yet secure transaction process. This winning combination of ease and safety compliance ensures a smooth, reliable, and secure payment experience for all users.

On that note…

The rise of CVV-less transactions is a big step forward in payments. With Razorpay at the forefront, your customers can now say goodbye to the inconvenience of entering CVVs during checkout. 

Now, you can pave the way for a smoother and more enjoyable payment experience. Usher in the new era of card payments where convenience reigns supreme with Razorpay! 

Already a Razorpay customer? Get in touch with your account manager to understand the enablement of CVV less.

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