Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95% according to a  study by Harvard Business Review. When a customer comes back for a repeat purchase, the business is definitely doing something right. It is hence important for businesses like you to ensure you retain your customers to save costs and increase revenue.

Introducing RazorpayBillme’s Retention Suite to transform how you engage and retain your customers.

What is the RazorpayBillme Retention Suite?

RazorpayBillme’s retention suite helps you leverage customer data you collect during the billing process to curate personalized experiences, leading to increased loyalty, repurchases, and revenue.

Now you may be wondering, what sets our retention suite apart?

Why Choose RazorpayBillme’s Retention Suite?

RazorpayBillme’s retention suite offers tangible benefits that streamline your customer retention efforts. This digital bill powered retention suite can help you significantly improve revenue from existing customers and prompt repurchase behavior.

  1. Fully Integrated Platform for faster campaign execution

    • Conduct end-to-end customer retention activities directly within the platform for WhatsApp, Email, SMS and other channels.
    • Eliminate the need to exit the platform for SMS and WhatsApp template approvals or use other tools for surveys, coupons and feedback collection.
    • This ease of a single platform ensures seamless management of online, offline, and omnichannel customers, fostering efficient and effective delivery of your retention strategy.
  2.  Holistic data collection for sharper segmentation

    • Automatically aggregate your online and offline customer information onto a single platform. 
    • This allows you to sync online and offline data, thereby eliminating data redundancies and optimizing customer targeting. 
    • Customers can be profiled based on 50+ attributes, and you can create unlimited historical and real-time data segments. 
  3. Automated Personalized Journeys

    • Create a customer’s entire post-purchase experience based on customer profile. Use a variety of communication channels to build out an engaging, personalized journey your customer simply cannot ignore. 
    • You can even prioritize the journeys you plan to lay out the perfect post-purchase engagement experience for your customers.
  4. Trackable Campaign ROI

  • Track repeat purchases for targeted campaigns and the status of  engagement journeys to assess campaign effectiveness and ROI directly from the platform.
  • This structured approach ensures that businesses can efficiently leverage their data, streamline retention efforts, and optimize customer engagement to drive revenue growth and foster long-term customer loyalty.

What Does The RazorpayBillme Retention Suite Include?

The RazorpayBillme Retention suite includes a variety of channels for marketing and a number of customer engagement tools. You can create personalized and digital-bill powered data driven campaigns and select a channel that is most suitable to your intended target audience. RazorpayBillme’s retention suite encompasses a diverse array of channel marketing and engagement tools, including Digital Bill, WhatsApp, SMS, Email and Web/App notifications. 


  1. Digital Bill

    With the digital bill feature, bills stop being mono-functional like paper bills and becomes a new mode of customer engagement. The digital bill can be used to upsell, cross-sell, advertise, send surveys, share coupons and gather customer feedback.

  2. WhatsApp

    WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging platform today. In fact, a WhatsApp marketing blog claims that business messages sent on WhatsApp have an average open rate of 98% and enables you to interact with customers at all stages of the marketing funnel.  Whether it be to drive product awareness, send personalized messages and coupons or provide an open channel for communication, WhatsApp can do it all.

  3. Email marketing

    With hyper-personalization, emails enable you to reach into your customer’s psyche and set up grounds for repurchases and brand loyalty.

  4. SMS marketing

    RazorpayBillme aids you in swift registration with DLT and sending bulk messages easily. You can also view, edit and manage campaigns based on  metrics such as delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates, and conversions, on the same platform, and do not need to switch applications.

  5. Web/App notifications

    The platform enables you to send web/app notifications on a timely basis to prompt visits to your page/application. This can ensure that users are more engaged through the day, have greater trust and brand recognition.

What Are Some Other Capabilities Of The Razorpaybillme Retention Suite?

The retention suite has a host of other capabilities like the ones listed below. These features help you develop a deeper understanding of your customer’s shopping habits and engage them better. This in turn enables you to create better targeted campaigns.

  1. Survey Builder 

            • With the RazorpayBillme survey builder, you can know your customers better! 
            • Send surveys on any channel like SMS, email, WhatsApp, etc and classify customers into segments based on their responses. This creates a better target audience for your marketing campaigns.
  2. Email Builder

            • Build out email templates for easy editing. Create, send and manage personalized emails to increase open rate and create customer interest.
            • Include surveys, coupons, offers and much more within the emails before sending them to your targeted customer segments.
    1. Feedback Collection

        • Collect feedback from customers directly from the digital bill. 
        • Enable customers to share their reviews on your store’s google page and attract new customers. 
        • You can even collect feedback from customers directly on their overall shopping experience and factor them in your business decisions.
  1. Coupon Generator

          • Generate personalized coupons and coupons en masse that can be a part of your campaign directly 
          • Share these coupons through a variety of engagement channels.

RazorpayBillme’s retention suite empowers your business to harness the power of customer data to drive retention strategies, boost revenue, unlock growth and foster customer loyalty. In an increasingly competitive landscape, prioritizing retention is essential for businesses that seek sustainable growth and profitability. Begin your journey with RazorpayBillme today. 


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