About Miraj Cinemas

Miraj Cinemas has been a trailblazer in India’s multiplex industry since 2012. They began their journey with a vision to redefine the movie-watching experience in India in Tier II and Tier III cities. They have a footprint of more than 208 screens across 67 locations in 16 states across India. 

Overcoming Hurdles: The Challenges Miraj Cinemas Faced

Miraj Cinemas faced three fundamental challenges as they embarked on their digital transformation journey:

Transition to Digital Tickets – Wanting to move to a digital-first customer experience, Miraj began with digital ticketing. The pressure point here was to find a partner who can ensure seamless integration with their billing systems. 

Flat F&B revenue – Even though F&B sales are a significant revenue source for any cinema chain, cross-selling F&B offerings was a considerable challenge for Miraj. This was a major challenge to overcome for revenue growth. 

Low customer engagement – With a varied customer base spread across multiple regions, genres and languages, they did not have a system to reach specific customer segments with relevant offers and promotions.

Implementing Solutions: How RazorpayBillme addressed the issues

RazorpayBillMe has been instrumental in helping Miraj Cinemas overcome several operational challenges through its comprehensive Digital Billing Powered Retention Engine. Integrating RazorpayBillMe across India, Miraj Cinemas transitioned to a paperless billing system, significantly enhancing efficiency. The survey feature enabled effective feedback collection, providing valuable insights into customer preferences and experiences.

In addition, RazorpayBillMe’s customer profiling and segmentation capabilities allowed Miraj Cinemas to gain a deeper understanding of their audience and to deliver personalized experiences and maximize campaign impact. The CRM with auto-engagement feature enhanced the cinema experience by facilitating multichannel marketing. This ensured that customers received timely and relevant communications through genre-based or movie-based campaigns, thereby increasing engagement and satisfaction.

From Challenges to Triumphs: RazorpayBillMe’s impact on Miraj Cinemas


The adoption of RazorpayBillme has transformed Miraj’s customer engagement and retention:

  1. Improved customer retention- Leveraging RazorpayBillme’s CRM features, Miraj executed targeted promotional campaigns based on movie genre, language or actor. For the recent Bollywood movie Shaitaan, WhatsApp campaign was sent to the customer segment who watched horror movies earlier. 7000+ (12%) of these customers purchased tickets to watch Shaitaan generating over ₹17 lakhs in revenue
  2. Boost in cross-sell revenue – The auto-engagement feature for cross-promoting refreshments increased their average monthly F&B sales by 20x. Miraj delivers an exceptional experience by enabling customers to order online from their seats at a discounted price and get it delivered right there without missing even a minute of the movie.
  3. Actionable customer feedback – Miraj used the survey feature to run location-specific surveys and understand customer experience through feedback at each location. In a year, they receive roughly over 12 lakh survey responses. 89% of complaints raised are resolved within 2 days by the relevant teams.
  4. Customised branding opportunity- Miraj features posters of upcoming popular international, national, or regional movies as the background of their digital bills. This strategic bill customization helps them build stronger relationships with film studios, increase the recall among movie goers and improve the sale of promoted movies.
  5. Additional Revenue Unlocked – By featuring third-party ads from merchants such as Cred on their digital bill, Miraj added a new arm of revenue. This not only enhanced the digital tickets utility but also offered their customers access to relevant deals and offers.
  6. Eco-Friendly Decision – By making a conscious switch to digital billing, Miraj helped save over 48,600 paper bill rolls equivalent to the distance of a round trip between Bangalore and Chennai and avoid 13.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

The Bottom Line


Miraj Cinemas transformed the way they view customer engagement and retention by integrating RazorpayBillme. This improved their billing process and enhanced the patron’s experience significantly. Miraj Cinemas’ journey is a testament to RazorpayBillme’s potential to revolutionize businesses, elevate customer engagement, and boost retention. If you are also looking to digitise your billing processes and dramatically boost retention, RazorpayBillMe is highly recommended. 

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