No trip to India would be complete without a ride on one of the country’s 22,593 operating trains, with a daily passenger count of 24 million passengers! 

India’s railways are the lifeblood of the nation – the veins that keep the country’s heart beating, snaking into nooks and crannies, and keeping 1.4 billion people connected with friends and family.

However, while many companies provide tailor-made products and services catering to accommodation and flight tickets to today’s demanding customers, they fail to see the fair share of challenges faced by people who travel via trains. 

Enter Trainman

Trainman is India’s premier IRCTC authorised train booking website. Their goal is to combine rail, coach and other travel services into a single, easy-to-use experience, so that people can get accurate and smart, real-time information while on the go.

The brainchild of Vineet Chirania and Karan Kumar, Trainman lets you book train tickets and look up for information, such as arrival time, departure time, PNR status, etc, with or without an internet connection!

As we speak, the company has over 10 million plus app downloads and over 1 million confirmed train ticket booking.

“Five years ago, if you booked your train tickets and ended up on a waiting list, there was no way to predict if you would get a seat until the day of your travel. There have been instances, when you are on a long waiting list but still get allotted a seat and many other times even when the waitlist is short, you still didn’t. All this made it a harrowing experience for those who found themselves on the waitlist. We saw the answer in AI and Big Data to arrive at a solution” – Vineet Chirania, Co-founder, Trainman

Challenges before using a RazorpayX Corporate Card

Before using RazorpayX Corporate Cards, Trainman faced a major challenge while scaling their business – cash flow problems! They wanted working capital to quickly increase the capacity to deliver huge projects seamlessly and continue growing in the competitive market. Also, the difficulty in raising capital or debt from formal sources was the most critical barrier to their growth.

Trainman was on the lookout for a product that was designed to meet working capital requirements of businesses, such as infrastructure overheads, procurement of raw materials, inventory management, and more.

This is when they turned to RazorpayX Corporate cards for effective cash flow management.

Trainman Solves Massive Cash Flow Problems by Switching to RazorpayX Corporate Card

Scaling with RazorpayX Corporate Card

Razorpay was no stranger to Trainman. While they have been using Razorpay Payment Gateway to accept payments on their platform, they had not availed a RazorpayX Corporate Card to streamline business expenses and fill gaps in working capital. 

Trainman adopted RazorpayX Corporate Card to avoid daily cash flow challenges. And within no time, they experienced a massive change.

Outcome after using a RazorpayX Corporate Card

With RazorpayX Corporate Cards, Trainman could:

  • Make business purchases and meet operational needs even before receiving their sales revenue
  • Get Add-on cards tailored to different roles of their team members, which gave them spending ability from a single credit card account
  • Auto-pay their dues in instalments through customer payments before the due date
  • Visualise their budgets and cap expenses whenever required to maximise their returns on spends through the RazorpayX dashboard 

Trainman Solves Massive Cash Flow Problems by Switching to RazorpayX Corporate Card


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