Starting up is a big deal for anyone who takes the leap. But, becoming a startup founder needs more than just an idea – it needs gumption, grit, and above all, a strong network that supports mutual growth.

What helps, more than anything else, is a sense of community – the feeling of being able to relate, both professionally and personally, to each other’s struggles – and finding strength in those who are standing by for support and enablement.

We, at RazorpayX, tip our hats to the entrepreneurial spirit and put founders at the core of everything we do. We decided to take a humble step towards adding more value to the table for the startup community by bringing to founders an evening full of drinks, dinner and dialogue.

If you missed the fantastic evening that it was, or are just curious about what went down – this quick read is for you.

Cocktails and Conversations in a nutshell

Cocktails and Conversations is RazorpayX’s series of networking events for founders. We kicked off our first event, in association with Matrix Partners, on the 23rd of June. With over 40 founders in pre-seed to series B stages from across the D2C, fintech, health-tech and ed-tech sectors, what transpired was an evening with some very interesting conversations.

Our co-founder, Harshil Mathur, and associates from Matrix Partners took on our guests for the evening on everything from Harshil’s own journey, to an engaging Q&A session on investor relations, finding the right TG, managing money, and a whole lot more.

Diving deeper

Founders all over the world struggle with a dozen issues – from zeroing in on their minimum viable product to finding the product-market fit, from hiring the right talent to handling a rapidly growing workforce, and from managing their money to preparing for their next round of funding.

But, there’s a problem.

Very often, the strategic tasks that need the greatest amount of their attention get ignored as they get caught up in extraneous work – work, which, although important, needs their involvement not for strategy but out of necessity.

For instance, paying taxes involves a lot of back and forth with CAs and the finance team. Whether it be for tax credentials or dozens of OTPs, founders spend hours on tasks that don’t need strategic inputs – leaving less time to focus on growth.

Further, involvement in banking and payroll processing – especially with primitive tools such as excel – only impedes the process of scaling up as organisations grow.

Circumstances like these warrant radical changes in the way things run – from automation of non-strategic tasks to transforming the way employees and stakeholders are managed as operations scale.

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The takeaways

Over the course of the evening, our guests had the opportunity to interact individually not just with Harshil but also with dozens of other like-minded disruptors. From automation to talent retention to navigating the startup ecosystem, they engaged in supercharged discussions and shared fascinating insights.

We brought our two cents on banking to the table.

RazorpayX was conceived and designed for startups – and in that, it fundamentally differs from traditional banking. The goal is clear: to make banking powerfully simple for founders, so they can focus on what matters most – growing their business.

From a supercharged current account to intelligent vendor payments, and from fully automated payroll and compliances to lightning-fast payouts – RazorpayX is built to make banking awesome for new-age businesses.  


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Connect with us

Dozens of Matrix portfolio companies have found the right business banking partner in us – one that takes care of all things finance so that nothing stands between them and their growth.

You can, too.

Connect with us and learn how your growth journey can benefit from a banking solution built for the unique needs of your startup. Just drop us a line at and we’ll take it from there!

We’ll be back with more exciting events for founders, and a whole lot more. Watch this space and stay tuned!



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