Introducing Add-on Cards—a new feature of RazorpayX Corporate Card that helps businesses track and manage expenses seamlessly.

Expenses are an important part of every business. However, several business owners face challenges with expense management and tracking. This happens especially when businesses rely on a single corporate card to manage business spends.

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Expense management and tracking present major challenges for SMEs where budget spending is tightly constrained. Most expense management and tracking problems are the results of ineffective policies and tools. Identifying the inefficiencies and addressing these problems can solve the majority of expense management and tracking issues.

Following are the five most common small business expense tracking challenges:

Small business Expense tracking challenges

How can Add-on Cards help?

Now, you can get custom cards tailored to different roles of your team members, right from your Razorpay dashboard. It’s easy, it’s safe, and the perfect tool to supercharge your business spends.

What is an Add-on Credit Card?

An Add-on Card is a supplementary corporate card. It aims at giving your team members spending ability from a single credit card account.

Add-on Cards are pre-loaded with a specific amount or credit line. This makes these cards such valuable assets for businesses and are less risky to hand out to your employees.

These cards essentially contain the same features as the RazorpayX Corporate Card and can be only availed by the primary cardholder for other team members.

Benefits of using Add-on Cards

There are several benefits of using an Add-on Card, such as:

  1. Your employees get the freedom to spend while also keeping an eye on your budget
  2. These cards have a predetermined credit line and your employees can’t spend above that
  3. The predetermined credit limit is flexible and can be set and changed for each card by the primary cardholder
  4. With Add-on Cards, you can eliminate manual data entry at every step
  5. You can also seamlessly track work-related purchases
  6. Add-on Cards help increase your company’s credit score and this will help you get cheaper capital in the future

Please Note: This feature is available only for RazorpayX Corporate Cardholders. You can avail as many Add-on Cards as you need for your business.

Top use cases for Add-on Cards

1. Startups: Startups generally have many specialized roles for different functions, with greater autonomy given to team members. Add-on Cards with pre-defined credit limits are perfect for such businesses.

2. Partnerships and private companies: Unlike proprietorships, partnerships and private companies have more than one decision-maker making business expenses. Instead of sharing the same corporate credit card, getting Add-on Cards will make it easy for them to make business spends as and when needed. They may or may not choose to have a credit limit.

3. Consulting firms: Similar to private companies and partnerships, consulting firms also have many decision-makers in charge of different projects that need spending. However, since they are not partners, credit limits might come into play.

User role definitions for Add-on Cards

The following four default user roles are available in the Razorpay dashboard.

1. Owner/Admin

The owner or admin role maps to the Account Owner/Admin role on RazorpayX. They are the top-level users (primary cardholders). They have irrevocable access to all sections of the card and manage all other user accounts. Typically, they are the founders/CXOs of businesses.

2. Finance

The Finance role for Add-on Cards maps to the Finance role on RazorpayX. They have access to all transaction histories of every cardholder.

3. Cardholder

The Cardholder role maps to the Operations role on RazorpayX. This is precisely the role that an employee with an Add-on Card should get.

4. Viewer

This Viewer role is mapped to the Analyst role on RazorpayX. They can only view card data.

User permissions for Add-on Cards

The following table further describes the account permissions associated with each user role:

Add on card Account permissions for user

How to get started with Add-on credit Cards?

One thing to remember while applying for an Add-on Card is that only primary cardholders can send an application on behalf of a team member.

Here’s what you need to do to avail an Add-on Card provided you’re already live on RazorpayX Corporate Cards:

  • Step 1: Log in to the RazorpayX dashboard
  •  Step 2: Click on “Corporate Credit Card” in the left-hand panel
  • Step 3: Next, click on “Get an Add-on Card:
  • Step 4: Add the email address of the team member
  • Step 5: Choose the role
  • Step 6: Set a custom spending limit for your team member
  • Step 7: Click on “Confirm”
  • Step 8: The added team member will need to complete individual KYC and the card will be live.

Individual add-on card KYC Complete

How do Add-on Card repayments work?

All dues of Add-on Cards are billed to the primary account holder (owner/admin).
A primary cardholder has the option of tracking all their cards so they are aware of the transactions done on Add-on Cards. They can thereby control which Add-on Card users can manage repayment (automatically or manually).


In addition to reducing the time spent on manual data entry, Add-on Cards will help you better categorise and understand your business expenses. These cards will also eliminate the need to go back and forth between emails to match up purchases.

With Add-on Cards, you can gain better insights into where your expenses are incurred and how your business is doing overall.

Rest assured that as the primary cardholder, you’re fully aware and constantly alerted about the activities on all your Add-on Card, and this should let you make sure things never get out of hand with overspending.

Start managing your expenses.

The RazorpayX Corporate Cards are developed in association with SBM India, one of the biggest banks in the APAC region.

Get Add-on Card today!

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