Business owners have to maintain a proper record of their monetary inflow and outflow in order to maintain proper financial discipline. Moreover, such adequate record-keeping is also essential when a company undergoes audit sessions. This way, the company can continue operating under set legal parameters. 

Therefore, any discrepancy in following proper business accounting measures can jeopardise the optimal output capacity of a company. Therefore, business owners must keep a tab on different aspects of such accounting. 

What Is Business Accounting? 

To put it in simple terms, business accounting is the method via which a company keeps track of its various expenditures, profits, losses, and revenue generated. This way, the business owners can have an in-depth understanding of their current assets, liabilities, or the present state of their inventory. Such details can come in handy when filing tax returns or reporting to investors and stakeholders. 

Different Aspects of Business Accounting

There are some crucial aspects of business accounting. These are:

  • Balance Sheet Production

A company has to maintain certain documentation to calculate how it performed as a whole during a specific financial year. This way, the expansion and retractions of it in a given business cycle can be adequately tracked. 

Keeping a well-maintained balance sheet is one such pivotal measure of overall organisational performance evaluation. This record keeps a tab on the products a company owns which has a cash value, as well as all of its outstanding debt obligations. So, during accounting, these aforementioned data help the company owners to better understand whether it has adequate resources to meet its immediate and long-term commercial demands going forward. 

  • Income Statement Creation

As its name suggests, an income statement provides minute details about the profit made and loss tolerated by a company in a specific time period. Interestingly, this statement also provides certain crucial insights about the performance of the business on a greater scale. 

To elaborate, business accounting is done in order to generate an income statement that also takes into consideration if and how adequate management and leadership affected the functionality of the company. Similarly, it also points out whether certain fields of this business are underperforming, and how that affects the overall portfolio of the company. 

Moreover, keeping competitor analysis in mind, an income statement also points out where the company stands in the open and free competitive market in relation to its peers in this sector. 

  • Cash Flow Statement Generation

The cash flow statement details the fiscal inflow and outflow that the company witnesses in a given span of time. The inflows may be a result of direct customer payments or a return on investment among others. Cash outflow, on the other hand, occurs as the company has to buy raw materials, pay rent, or disburse salaries to its employees. 

Therefore, proper bookkeeping measures for these transactions become necessary in order to generate a proper cash flow statement. That is why more and more businesses are turning towards automation tactics to remain compliant with the rules without any scope of human error.

For instance, RazorpayX Payout has proven to be highly effective for the startup business sector in India. With this facility, you can now pay salaries to your employees in a matter of minutes. Moreover, you will have the option to set up an auto-pilot mode for the TDS, Provident Fund, and other compliances mandatory for such disbursal. Notably, this software also supports tax document verification endeavours. 

Importance of Business Accounting 

There are a number of reasons why transparent business accounting is quintessential for a business. Some of these are discussed below:

  • It ensures a company is safeguarded from any legal jeopardy 
  • A comprehensive plan for the sustainable development of a business cannot be made without a thorough calculation of its present fiscal situation 
  • It helps the business owners to maintain adequate supply chain management
  • The budget projection of a company cannot be done without taking the findings of the accounts department into consideration 

Role of RazorpayX in Business Accounting

RazorpayX has revolutionised the way compliance measures affect business accounting of the start-up sector in this country. For instance, there can be numerous hassles if a company is unable to properly document any foreign direct investment that it has received.

With RazorpayX Forex Funding, the start-up sector here can rest assured about abiding by all the rules and regulations put in place by the Reserve Bank of India [RBI] regarding recording FDI inflow. The software ensures that all the boxes regarding foreign exchange compliance have been adequately checked with the assistance of field specialists.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most important business accounting tasks?

Some of the tasks necessary in this regard include:
Filing documents and receipts
Making a note of every transaction
Regularly checking the liquidity of the business
Keeping a tab on accounts receivables
File tax returns

What are the components of a balance sheet?

The three main components of a balance sheet include:
Shareholder Equity

What was the total foreign direct investment amount in India during FY21-22?

During the financial year of 2021-2022, India had received around 85 billion USD as FDI.

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