India has one of the biggest freelancer workforces across the globe. The Indian gig economy’s size is expected to have a CAGR of 17% and is likely to hit $455 billion by 2023

Still, following their passion was never a cakewalk for freelancers. The pandemic made it close to impossible.

Being hit hard by COVID-19, many freelancers worried if this would be the end of their careers. 

We at Razorpay believe in uplifting businesses of every size from the ground up. Our vision for Razorpay Capital was to become a force of growth for businesses who were impacted by COVID-19. And we did it.

Today, we are proud to share one such success story of a freelancer, Upendra Sharma, who made his dream a reality against all odds. 

Hurdles faced with business expansion during COVID-19

Upendra runs a personal grooming business in West Bengal catering specifically to weddings and parties. Like many freelancers, he quickly realised that taking his business online during the pandemic was no longer optional.

“I realised a website and an app are the least I should have if I want to grow in an increasingly digital world”, says Upendra.

Once he started marketing online on Social Media, the next thing in line was to have a smart payment partner that fits his business needs during & after the pandemic. 

In a socially distanced world when contamination of currency is a big scare, Razorpay Payment Links were a perfect solution for him. Upendra was able to

  • Send payment links to his customers via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and more and get paid instantly
  • Allow them to make partial payments in case of large amounts 
  • Automate payment reminders 
  • Set up the payment process without any tech effort 


To keep growing his gigs, he needed capital to ensure uninterrupted supply of materials. “Paying vendors on time was not just a matter of credibility but also getting the supplies for future orders on time”, says Upendra.

He narrates an incident that many freelancers and small business owners would resonate with. 

“One day, a cosmetics supplier showed up wanting to get paid and I had just received payments from my customers online. With the standard settlement cycle, I would only receive money in the bank after two days.” 

“I wanted a solution that allows me to access my money instantly”. 

The successful leap with Razorpay Instant Settlements 

Delayed settlements mean operational gaps for a business. With Razorpay Instant Settlements businesses can have a ready inflow of cash every time and meet cash requirements without any hassles.

“Razorpay Instant Settlements allowed me to settle all the accepted payments in one go within a few seconds. With money being credited directly into my bank account, I could pay my vendors on time and maintain my credibility.” 

Being witnesses to the struggle business faces to get access to capital the conventional way, our focus at Razorpay has been on giving our customers the best experience while solving their cash flow challenges. 

“The technical support of On-demand settlement is constructive & quick. To enjoy a hassle-free payment solution, I would highly recommend Razorpay any time,” concludes Upendra

Grow your business with Razorpay 

If you’re on the path of following your passion like Upendra but are struggling to find funds, now you know where to look. 

Finance your business growth with instant settlements and quick business loans from Razorpay Capital. 


Suhani is a Content Marketer at RazorpayX, and she is passionate about all things related to reading, writing, and food. 

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