Every business’ end goal is to convince its customers to buy its products or services in exchange for money. However, looking at the increasing competition in the market, it becomes important to stand out in the crowd. Here, producing unique goods and services is not enough; instead, it is important to make the entire purchasing process comfortable for the consumers.   

In the ecommerce business, we often busy ourselves improving the other aspects of the purchasing process and miss out on making the payment processes easier. If your customers are convinced to buy your products, but by the time they reach your checkout page, due to the complex payment system, they abandon your cart then and there.   

This is why it is important to be thorough and creative with your payment pages design to reduce cart abandonment. Let’s look at some tips to make amazing payment pages design.  

 How to Optimize Payment Pages Design?  

1. Reduce the Length  

One of the primary reasons why customers prefer online shopping over physically visiting retail shops is because they look forward to saving their time and effort. Likewise, if they find out that even online platforms are making them deal with lengthy procedures, it might make them disinterested.   

As a merchant, you can mitigate this problem by keeping your payment pages design short and sweet. This can be easily done by asking for the relevant information you need, such as an address, name, and payment information.   

2. Offer Multiple Payment Options  

A significant percentage of customers abandon their shopping carts because of the lack of payment options. This is why, in order to achieve an enhanced conversion rate, it is necessary to offer multiple payment options.   

Of course, it is not possible to include each and every payment method that exists in the world, but if you thoroughly research your target audience, you will definitely get a solid understanding of the payment methods they prefer.   

3. Build Trust and Credibility  

Amongst all the steps in online shopping, the payment process is one of the most crucial steps for both you and your customers. If potential customers do not find your checkout page secure, they might be reluctant to enter their crucial transactional details to buy your products and services.   

In order to help your customers build trust in your business, make sure to choose payment pages design that looks safe and secure. Include SSL certification, security badges, and security validation from various security platforms like McAfee.  

4. Allow Guest Checkouts  

As a merchant, you might want to obtain customer data for your marketing campaigns. However, it is important for you to understand that not every customer is interested in your promotions and campaigns.   

So, it is preferable not to make the registration process a compulsion. Let your customers avoid the necessity to make an account in order to buy your products.   

5. Display the Progress  

Although it is always preferable to have a one-page checkout, it often becomes difficult to fit all the necessary details on one page. This, however, can irk users if they are clueless about how long the payment process is going to take. It is helpful to display a progress indicator, so they know how far they have come in their payment process.   

Create Amazing Payment Page Design with RazorPay  

Creating payment pages design is a little complex procedure, but you should focus on building your products and leave this complicated procedure for us to handle. At Razorpay, we are aware of the latest trends in B2B payment pages design to add to your checkout page.   

Our team works hard to make your checkout page in such a way that it informs, captivates and allows your customers to buy your products and services and come back for more. 

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