Customer satisfaction and delight rest at the heart of Razorpay. Creating memorable customer experiences while retaining our company’s culture, is critical to our success.

Every customer interaction is a great opportunity to understand our customers better, while at the same time provide a feeling of satisfaction and reliability to them.

Being a brand that interacts with both businesses and the average online buyer, we make sure to concentrate not only on enhancing the payment experience of our customer but also on providing businesses with complete control.

There are a few things that make us who we are and one of them is how we support our customers (and sometimes our customers’ customers). Our customer support focuses on reducing turnaround time, focusing on instant resolution and democratising access of information.

Good customer support is important but great customer support sets you apart and that is exactly what we try to achieve through an All-Hands Support model.

“All hands support” is a practice which requires all Razorpay employees to take shifts managing customer support channels.

We believe that our customers are the best critics we have, and their questions, experiences, and feedback provide us with insight into our products and allow us to see how we can continue to grow while making our products even better.

Who benefits from customer interactions? [Hint: everyone!] The primary benefit we get from facilitating All-hands support at Razorpay is to build a strong connect between every Razorpay employee and our customers.

People from various teams across the organization take 2 days out in a month to answer support tickets, and in-turn understand our customers better.

One of the many challenges technology companies, big and small, face is to continuously work toward bridging the gap between their engineering teams and their customers.

At Razorpay – we instill customer centricity in all our teams. Facilitating All-hands support means that there’s never more than one level of escalation between the engineering or product team and our customers.

This model helps our engineers create a better product with a deeper insight into customer behavior.

Let’s look at an example where the customer reports a bug and a developer who’s handling support on the other end says, “ Okay, I’m fixing this right away”!


This response proves to be a great experience. Or, where the customer is having a hard time locating a particular document, apart from being able to help the customer find this document the sales executive handling support on that day will now know that they have to make this document more accessible to prevent any future hindrances for the customer.

Or for instance when a customer sends a feature request and discusses some possible design options with a UI designer handling support on the other end, that proves to be an amazing experience too. All-hands support creates opportunities for interactions like this to take place with the customer.

Apart from keeping our customer at the center of our organization, our all-hands support model aids in increasing the bandwidth of our support team. Right from email support, chat and live chat support to engage with our customer on social media, the support team is always on their feet.

Having everyone in the organization take turns in handling these various support channels helps the organization deliver the best possible customer experience. All- hands support also kneads in empathy as a core fundamental of our culture.

When your team learns to be empathetic towards customers they also learn how to be empathetic toward each other making them appreciate the effort and work a teammate does.

All-hands support is handled through a roster. The roster is shared with the entire organization before the 30th of every month and everyone is allocated slots for their support days. This way everyone can block their calendar well ahead of time and know when their support day is.

Swapping of slots also take place, with mutual consent and the team develops a collective responsibility for customer support.

Our All-hands support model is at the core of our culture, we want to help our customers understand our product effortlessly. Every team at Razorpay works together and aligns their ideas to offer a consistent and enjoyable journey to our customers from start to end.

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