We live in a rapidly changing world. For businesses, it is no longer enough to meet customers only online or in-store; it is instead becoming increasingly essential to offer buyers the complete omnichannel experience. 

As business needs have evolved, we at Razorpay have continued to strive to meet them. We have been working hard to build an omnichannel payments ecosystem that will enable any hybrid approach businesses may adopt to reach their customers. 

One aspect of the customer experience that has been slow to evolve, though, is billing. Physical receipts continue to be treated like unwelcome guests, residing for weeks in shopping bags or on living room tables, and condemned to be forgotten in back pockets. 

Merchants have to deal with printing costs, time, and a way to easily archive a growing mountain of paper bills while the customer has to worry about storing the bill for future use for warranties or returns. 

But what if we could do more with bills? What if they could truly add value? If businesses seek a truly omnichannel experience, it is time to take billing from the past and move it into the future.

Razorpay joins hands with BillMe

We are therefore delighted to announce today that Razorpay has acquired BillMe, a digital invoicing and customer engagement startup. Founded in 2018, BillMe has been enabling businesses to move away from paper bills and add value to the whole invoicing experience. BillMe serves over 15,000 retail points of sale for 4000+ businesses, including giants like McDonald’s, Decathlon, Burger King, Decathlon, Baggit, Relaxo Footwear, and Cinepolis.

BillMe’s digital Sale Bill transforms this one-dimensional interface between the merchant and the customer into a multi-dimensional tool that creates benefits for both the merchant and the customer. The merchant benefits by the bill becoming an interactive channel for ongoing engagement, feedback, and understanding of the customer – captured in the user-friendly, customizable, and visually powerful dashboards that the BillMe platform in conjunction with Razorpay will enable. 

What the Razorpay-BillMe partnership means for businesses

We’re all set to add power to your bill! Here’s how: 

  • Enhanced customer experience: With digital invoicing, businesses can reduce friction at the checkout counter and create a great transaction experience for the customer.
  • Post-sale customer engagement: Businesses will be able to engage better with their customers without any friction, using digital invoices to cross-sell, collect feedback and drive loyalty and promotions. 
  • Easy integration: Owing to BillMe’s rapid deployment and proprietary integration capabilities, businesses can go live with digital invoicing in under 10 minutes as opposed to month-long processes, and with minimal tech involvement from the merchant’s end.  
  • Customer visibility: Businesses can analyze customer behaviour to create personalized offers or product recommendations. 
  • Reduced costs: With physical bills, there are massive printing costs, not to mention the impact on the environment.

With Razorpay, your bills will be engaging and interactive – and not merely end up in the bin!

Razorpay and BillMe – The best of two worlds 

While BillMe has been revolutionizing the invoicing landscape, enabling retail brands to harness the power of data through digital invoices, we at Razorpay have been working towards building a robust payments universe. Together, we will be able to help a large number of retail brands to enjoy the best of both online and offline worlds, and enjoy seamless access to omnichannel payment solutions. 

Kuber Pritmani, Co-Founder of BillMe, says, “Since BillMe’s inception, we have worked towards revolutionizing India’s Retail Point of Sale landscape, establishing ourselves as the trusted partner for retailers in all things related to ‘Digital Invoicing & Post-Purchase Customer Engagement.’ Through tech innovations, we have enhanced customer experience and provided retailers with valuable data insights to cement BillMe as the pioneer in this industry. With Razorpay, we now have a large scope to deepen our tech expertise and create a difference for our businesses. Reinforcing integrations across all Point of Sale touchpoints enhances the value we aim to provide to our clients. Given the synergies between our cultures, values, and our visions, we look forward to co-transforming the cycle of customer engagement alongside Razorpay, and thereby bring about a greater impact and experience for end-consumers.”

Looking ahead 

The future will require businesses to be increasingly smart about customer engagement. And this partnership with BillMe is part of our continued efforts to help merchants understand their customers better. By transitioning from paper bills to digital invoices, and by harnessing the power of our tech tools, businesses have the opportunity to accelerate their growth. 

This is our eighth acquisition overall, and our first since we joined hands with Ezetap over a year ago. That day marked our foray into the world of omnichannel payments. This one marks another milestone. 



Shashank Kumar is the Co-founder of Razorpay. He quit his full-time job to change how online payments work in India, and has been at the forefront of Razorpay's exponential growth.

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