Doubtnut is an online Indian educational platform founded by Aditya Shankar and Tanushree Nagori in 2016. Their mission is to democratise education by building a platform for India and breaking the barriers of conventional teaching.

Ever since its inception, Aditya and Tanushree have helped thousands of students realise their potential and produced 10,000+ toppers. They provide educational help to students of classes 6th – 12th and enable them to crack the toughest of Indian exams.

When Aditya started Doubtnut seven years ago, their HR & finance team handled employee payroll using legacy systems and Excel spreadsheets. It took them five days monthly and the team would work 24*7 to ensure salary calculations and compliances were accurate. Now, they have only one person in their accounts & HR team, respectively, who take care of the entire payroll function for 300+ employees. In BARELY a few hours in 1 day.

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Doubtnut case study


1. Legacy Systems & Inefficient Processes

Before RazorpayX Payroll, Aditya and Tanushree used to manage payroll with legacy systems such as Excel spreadsheets. Information was all over the place, which was inefficient and introduced errors at every step of the process. One extra or missing zero in an employee’s account number on Excel sheets blocked their entire payroll cycle or worse led to inaccurate salary payments to employees.  

We all know salary is a very sensitive topic. Even if there is an inadvertent mistake and employees end up getting inaccurate salaries, it hurts their expectations and further ends up sabotaging your brand reputation. So there has to be absolutely zero chance of error. But we learnt this the hard way.

As we scaled and added more employees, we realised that the traditional banking system that we relied upon for managing employee payroll and expenses was not cutting it anymore. We realised how important it is to have the best, most efficient systems and processes for ourselves and our employees.

2. Managing A Versatile Workforce–Contractors, Freelancers, and Interns

Doubtnut also had different types of employees—contractual, freelancers and interns. The compliances and workflows for them are different, which added complexity to their payroll process as they grew in size. But with RazorpayX Payroll, they were able to streamline salary payments and compliances for all employees, part-time or full-time.    

3. Customised Salary Payments

The salaries of Doubtnut’s sales employees included incentives based on targets achieved. Doubtnut needed payroll software that takes performance-based incentives into account and calculates the PF and TDS accordingly.

Thanks to RazorpayX Payroll, we have been able to customise the pay structure, for our sales team. These things are not easy to achieve, given India’s complex regulatory compliances. But with RazorpayX Payroll, we can manage this easily and we can shift from one form of salary payouts to another.

The Solution

The Doubtnut team was well-integrated with the Razorpay payment gateway and therefore knew of the benefits of expanding their scope to the other stack of products. Therefore, when they were on the lookout for an advanced payroll solution to cater to their growing needs—RazorpayX Payroll was an obvious choice. 

The best part was that collaboration was much easier as Doubtnut was already part of the Razorpay ecosystem.

We got onboarded on RazorpayX Payroll in barely a few hours not even days. We were able to set up the entire payroll management and from the next payroll cycle, everything was extremely smooth,” says Aditya.

Given how painful it was to manage payroll using Excel spreadsheets and traditional banking system, we were overjoyed at RazorpayX Payroll helping us manage payroll, and employee expense management in a few hours. It is all automated. It worked like magic! 

Another good thing about RazorpayX Payroll is, it has given us APIs with which we were able to automate our processes further. It makes our processes simpler, and lives easier.

I’m so thankful to the RazorpayX Payroll team who listens to customers and builds features for us. RazorpayX Payroll has provided us both, speed and accuracy with payroll.” 

“Our processes have become so efficient and we are able to do everything with greater accuracy. We don’t need separate mechanisms or shoot emails to send salary slips to our employees.

RazorpayX Payroll provides everything on dashboards and promotes employee self-service as well. If they have any reimbursements, they can simply raise the request via the portal and the managers vet it and in the next payroll cycle, it is automatically taken care of.”

When asked about Aditya’s favourite feature of RazorpayX Payroll, here’s what he said:

Doubtnut case study


Doubtnut case study

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