INDIA, Bengaluru – 24 January 2024: In the rapidly evolving payments landscape, ensuring security and trust is paramount. This helps maintain user confidence, provides protection against financial threats, and ensures compliance with regulatory standards. Reiterating its commitment to safety and security, Razorpay, India’s Leading Omnichannel Payments, and Banking Platform for Businesses today launched its biggest digital ad campaign featuring Gulshan Grover, and Urvashi Dholakia on its social platforms – YouTube, LinkedIn, X (previously Twitter), and Instagram

With 692 million Internet users, India has the world’s second-largest Internet user base. This growing digitization also makes the country a target for fraudulent activities. With this campaign, Razorpay hopes to reiterate the need to drive awareness amongst customers by educating them about risk and safety measures to ensure a secure digital payment transaction. 

With a tagline of For online businesses to win trust, Razorpay Payment Gateway is a must, the campaign showcases Razorpay as a “trust marker” for businesses. The 2-part ad series featuring Gulshan Grover and Urvashi Dholakia is curated to showcase that businesses certified by Razorpay comply with the highest standards of safety and security. Furthermore, it aims to empower end-consumers with essential information for making informed decisions when engaging with a business through digital transactions.

The ad films of thirty seconds each, conceptualized and brought to life by Tilt Brand Solutions, a Mumbai-based creative agency, showcase two different scenarios wherein customers who are trying to make online purchases are skeptical of going through with the payments, wondering if their card details would be stolen or if the business was legitimate to engage with at the first place; Gulshan Grover and Urvashi Dholakia play the role of unethical business owners who aggravate the insecurities of these customers. The customers then realize that these businesses are safe and secure with the Razorpay trust marker and are KYC verified, giving them the utmost confidence to make the purchase.

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Commenting on the launch, Apuarv Sethi, Senior VP, Marketing, Razorpay said, “We are excited to unveil our most extensive ad campaign yet, highlighting the paramount importance of safety and security in online transactions. In a digital landscape where trust is the currency, Razorpay serves as the definitive ‘trust marker’ for businesses. We believe it’s our responsibility to empower our merchants with the right products and services, enabling them to deliver a reliable and protected customer experience. This campaign aims to cultivate a profound sense of confidence, emphasizing our commitment to providing a dependable and secure digital payment experience. It underscores our dedication to raising awareness about the critical significance of security in online transactions. This initiative goes beyond a mere endorsement; it mirrors our steadfast commitment to shaping a safer and more trustworthy online transaction environment for all.”

“We’re proud to partner with Razorpay to champion their commitment to empowering businesses. This commitment encompasses the cultivation of trust, safety, and security for the millions of businesses they serve. In line with this, trust, the cornerstone of all transactions, takes center stage in the two-part ad series featuring the uncanny and dynamic duo of Gulshan Grover and Urvashi Dholakia. Drawing parallels between the safety measures in online transactions and the confidence Razorpay instills, each ad is a visual and narrative masterpiece with a unique twist, capturing attention, while underscoring the importance of a secure payment experience”, said Adarsh Atal, Chief Creative Officer, TILT Brand Solutions

With almost every transaction happening in the virtual world, businesses must ensure seamless, hassle-free payment experiences for their customers offline and online. This includes real-time reconciliation, reduction in time per transaction, minimal failures while ensuring a risk-free environment. Keeping this and a fast-evolving dynamic regulatory environment in mind, Razorpay effectively and efficiently solves payment complexities that businesses go through daily, making it a one-stop shop for everything payments and banking for businesses. 

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