The introduction of this unique platform comes at a time when India is witnessing a rush in podcast consumption

INDIA, Bengaluru, 01 April 2024: Expanding its horizons beyond pioneering payments and continually serving India with disruptive solutions, Razorpay, India’s Leading Omnichannel Payments, and Banking Platform for Businesses launched an Industry-first & World’s Only Podcast as a Service Platform, ‘Razorpay PaaS’*, on 1st of April. Taking customization to a whole new level, this path-breaking platform by Razorpay will enable users to create a podcast within minutes on a topic of their choice, at a time most convenient to them, with over 20 Celebrity Guests including Mark Zuckerberg, Joe Biden, Batman, Ironman, Rihanna, Morgan Freeman, Rafael Nadal, Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Serene Williams among others. 

India is the third-largest podcast consumer in the world with over 57.6 Mn monthly listeners, according to PWC’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2020-24 Report. One of the major roadblocks to adoption is getting hyper-personalised content of choice. For instance, if a user wishes to hear Batman and Bill Gates on the best tax-saving mutual funds and pension plans or Elon Musk and Sam Altman on ‘Zen Mode’, Tesla’s new autopilot feature for Indian roads – there is no tool at the user’s disposal to tune to these very intriguing and important conversations. However, Razorpay PaaS is indeed that ‘genie at the click of a button’ that can make this and so much more, happen in a jiffy! With Razorpay PaaS, users will now be empowered to decide what kind of podcast they want to tune in to. From Taylor Swift and Adele on how to write a song without getting your heart broken to Donald Trump and Barack Obama on the seven secrets of teenage parenting, Razorpay PaaS is poised to revolutionise the podcast landscape like never before

Excited to launch a platform such as this, Razorpay Spokesperson said, “The recent surge in consumption of in-depth insightful conversations in the form of podcasts has been astounding. An avid podcast listener myself, I have resorted to some of the best podcasts, be it while commuting to work, walking my dog, or having a ‘Sleepless In Seattle’ moment. I’ve always been fascinated by the enriching knowledge and experience they offer, expanding one’s mental horizons and sparking unconventional thinking. After immersing myself in countless podcasts, the idea of empowering others to create their own podcasts felt like the next logical step. With Razorpay PaaS, we’re not just introducing a service; we are unleashing a platform that will seamlessly integrate into the fabric of daily life of every human.

The Spokesperson added, “At Razorpay, we continue to introduce many firsts in the ecosystem and we believe this one will truly disrupt consumption patterns like never before. I can’t wait to see the stories, insights, and conversations that will emerge as a result of this.”

Razorpay PaaS will solve the problem of waiting for new episodes every week, month, or even a year, by serving them with instant episodes at the click of a button! The platform also features a section called ‘Our Picks’ which has a sample of favorite podcasts, curated and handpicked by Razorpay’s top leadership for the users who are indecisive about where to begin their podcast consumption journey. One of the most well-received and celebrated episodes of this section features Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in a never-before-heard avatar, exclusively sharing their views on why the term GOAT should be retired and some new animals should be given the spotlight.

Razorpay’s path-breaking Podcast as a Service platform is a free-of-cost solution and can be accessed by any user as long as they have a device and internet to access the platform. To learn more about Razorpay’s revolutionary Podcast as a Service Platform, check out here: 

*Disclaimer: April 1 is all about humour and this is our attempt at it 😜. Razorpay has no intention to demean any person or event or otherwise cause any harm. All voices are AI-generated parodies meant for entertainment purposes only and do not involve the actual participation or endorsement of any person. Listener discretion is advised 😜. Razorpay encourages the responsible use of AI technology.

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