Lists of APIs to create, update and delete a Contact in RazorpayX.

A contact is an entity to whom payouts can be made through various supported modes like UPI, IMPS, NEFT and RTGS, Cards and more. Know more about


Watch Out!

It is mandatory to

that you use while making payouts via APIs or the request will fail.

Explore the Contact API collection in the Razorpay Postman Public Workspace. Fork the workspace and test the APIs with your


Before you fire APIs, keep your Key id and Key Secret available. You can

in Live Mode or in on the .

API EndpointDescription
Creates a new contact.
Updates an existing contact.
Retrieves all the contacts.
Retrieves a single contact with ID.
Activates or deactivates an existing contact.

The Contacts entity has the following fields:


string The unique identifier linked to the contact. For example, cont_00000000000001.


string The entity being created. Here, it will be contact.


string The contact's name. For example, Gaurav Kumar.


string The contact's phone number. For example, 9000090000.


string The contact's email address. For example,


string A classification for the contact being created. For example, employee.


string A user-entered reference for the contact. For example, Acme Contact ID 12345.


string This value is returned if the contact was created as part of a bulk upload. For example, batch_00000000000001.


boolean Possible values:

  • true (default): active
  • false : inactive


object Key-value pair that can be used to store additional information about the entity. Maximum 15 key-value pairs, 256 characters (maximum) each. For example, "note_key": "Beam me up Scotty”.


integer Timestamp, in Unix, when the contact was created. For example, 1545320320.

"id": "cont_00000000000001",
"entity": "contact",
"name": "Gaurav Kumar",
"contact": "9000090000",
"email": "",
"type": "employee",
"reference_id": "Acme Contact ID 12345",
"batch_id": null,
"active": true,
"notes": {
"notes_key_1": "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot",
"notes_key_2": "Tea, Earl Grey… decaf."
"created_at": 1545320320

If there are errors when firing the Contact APIs, refer to

to resolve them.

to configure and receive notifications when a specific occurs. When one of these events is triggered, we send an HTTP POST in JSON to the webhook's configured URL.

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