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Smart Collect

The virtual account response contains attributes such as id and customer_id, and also a field receivers. This is an array that defines what receivers are available for the virtual account.

For example, if the receiver.types array of the original request contained bank_account, then the response will contain a receivers array with one element, which gives details of that bank_account receiver such as account number, IFSC, etc.

Smart Collect Entity#

id string
Mandatory. The Id of the virtual account.
entity string_
Mandatory. Type of entity, virtual account.
description string
Mandatory. Description of the operation.
status active
Mandatory. Status of the account.
amount_paid integer
Mandatory. Amount paid.
notes [reference_key] string
Mandatory. Notes in key-value pair.

Create Virtual Account#

The following end-point creates a virtual account:


The request format for virtual account creation recently underwent a change. If you are looking for the request format as it was before 21/11/17, you can find it here.
For new integrations, we strongly recommend you use the updated request format, as it allows a host of new features, most particularly the support for completely-numeric account numbers by default.

receivers JSON Object
Mandatory. Configuration of desired receivers for the virtual account
receivers.types array
Mandatory. List of desired receiver types. Currently bank_account is the only supported type.
description string
Description of the virtual account
customer_id string
ID of customer for whom virtual account is being created. Refer Customer API
notes JSON object
Object consisting of key value pairs as notes. Refer here for more details.

Fetch a Virtual Account#

The following end-point fetches a virtual account by ID:


Fetch all Virtual Accounts#

The following end-point fetches all the created virtual accounts:


Example Request

Close all Virtual Accounts#

The following end-point closes a virtual account:


Fetch Payments for a Virtual Account#

The following end-point fetches payments made against a particular virtual account:


Fetch Payment Details#

The following end-point fetches the payment details of bank transfer against a virtual account: