What comes to mind when you hear the word? A Formula 1 car on a racetrack? A sprinter on the start line? A fighter jet in the sky? A cheetah? A bullet train? 

Whatever it is, you’re imagining someone or something so fast that the only natural reaction is awe. 

Now, think about how long it takes you to complete a UPI payment. In the background, there are multiple parties and multiple steps involved in every transaction, but it’s all over in a few seconds. UPI is fast. Lightning fast. Blazing fast. So fast you barely notice it. 

Now imagine we made it 5x faster.

Introducing Razorpay Turbo UPI

Turbo UPI

Here’s launching Razorpay Turbo UPI, India’s fastest one-step UPI payment solution for businesses. Built in collaboration with the NPCI and Axis Bank, Turbo UPI allows end-users to complete their payment in-app, with no redirections or dependence on third-party UPI apps. With Turbo UPI, payments will be 5x faster with a significantly-improved success rate of 10%!


Now every app can become a UPI app.

With Turbo UPI, Razorpay strengthens its position as the leader in UPI innovation and the preferred choice for businesses. Customers of popular apps including Tata Starquik, Ixigo, FNP (Ferns & Petals), Trainman, and Dhan among others will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of this innovation. 

Turbo UPI

Evolution of the UPI customer experience journey 

UPI was launched back in 2016 with the Collect flow. A customer enters their VPA, switches over to a third-party UPI app and makes a payment. Although innovative at the time, the Collect flow had its friction points. 

Then came the UPI Intent flow, which solved some of these challenges. Intent allows customers to simply select the UPI app they wish to complete payment from. The business app redirects the customer to the UPI app, where the transaction is completed. But it still involves multiple steps and redirections. 

Both the UPI Collect and Intent flows pose a few challenges for businesses:

  • Failures due to high friction: In both flows, jumping from the business app to a third-party payment app and switching back causes multiple failures.
  • High dependence on third-party UPI apps: There are multiple parties and it can be difficult to resolve critical issues like refunds and payments when they occur.
  • Lack of control over the overall customer experience: With two checkouts involved – the merchant’s checkout followed by the UPI App checkout, where the final transaction actually takes place – businesses have no visibility into how and why customers may drop off when it isn’t on their checkout. 

Razorpay Turbo UPI: A giant leap forward 

Turbo UPI flow

To facilitate the next step in innovation, the NPCI has developed the People-to-Merchant (P2M) Plugin, which acts as a railroad for Razorpay Turbo UPI. 

Razorpay Turbo UPI streamlines all the friction points of previous flows. Businesses can now manage the UPI checkout experience within their app, without the user ever leaving the app. This gives them better control and visibility into the customers’ payment journey.

Regain control over your checkout with Razorpay Turbo UPI

Why should you choose Razorpay Turbo UPI? 

In one word: speed. Simply put, Razorpay Turbo UPI offers users a native, in-app UPI experience, making payments 5x faster. Checkout now involves only 1 step instead of 5. For businesses, this translates to higher success rates, faster conversions, fewer customer drop-offs, and total control over the checkout process. 

What does Razorpay Turbo UPI mean for your business?

Turbo UPI features

There are significant advantages for businesses. Razorpay Turbo UPI will help you: 

  • Boost success rates on UPI payment by ~10%: With a majority of payments happening via UPI, a boost of ~10% on your SR delivers a significant increase in revenue.
  • Reduce operational costs: As third-party UPI apps will be eliminated from the transaction, you will have full visibility of money movement. You will be able to reduce the bandwidth spent by operational teams to resolve disputes.
  • Enable better customer experience: With fewer failures, there will be a significant decrease in the number of escalations. This improves the customer NPS and ensures easier reputation management of your brand on social media.
  • Understand customer journey clearly: With the entire UPI checkout managed within their app, businesses now have full visibility into the customers’ payment journey. They can pinpoint where customers drop off and take action to improve the experience. 

What does Razorpay Turbo UPI mean for your customers?

With Razorpay Turbo UPI, your customers will now be able to: 

  • Complete a UPI payment in less than 4 seconds: There will be a one-time registration on apps to facilitate the native experience, after which payment will be completed in a single step every time 
  • Enjoy a seamless in-app experience: With zero redirections to third-party UPI apps, customers will stay on your app at all times. 

How does Razorpay Turbo UPI work?

By integrating directly with the bank’s SDK, Razorpay Turbo UPI enables end-users to make UPI transactions on a merchant’s app without having to go through a third-party UPI app. 

End-users must go through a one-time onboarding process. This process provides the security needed to process a UPI transaction, and can be completed in just a few clicks.  

Wait, there’s more…


We’re just getting started. In the future, the Turbo UPI experience will extend to newer innovations in the UPI ecosystem. We plan to build vertical-specific features on top of the Turbo UPI experience to help businesses continue to delight their customers. There are major developments in the pipeline that businesses can benefit from once they are live with Turbo UPI.

Are you ready to turbo-charge your UPI Payments? 

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