It would be an understatement to say that the last two years have been disruptive for businesses. The pandemic forced dramatic changes in consumer behaviour and businesses had to adapt. Today, we exist in a world where the lines between online and offline buying are blurred. Customers demand a seamless omnichannel experience and businesses want to deliver one. 

At Razorpay, our vision has always been to become a one-stop platform for all payment and banking needs of businesses. If businesses and entrepreneurs need a payments solution that enables them to meet their customers across multiple channels, we want to build for them the best solution there is. We want to empower our merchants to thrive in this changing world and stand on the cutting edge of this transformation. 

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we have taken a huge step towards that vision of building a full-stack omnichannel solution by joining hands with Ezetap, an industry leader that has transformed offline payments. With offline solutions such as POS, Ezetap enables businesses to accept payments in-store and on delivery. Ezetap serves banks – including HDFC and Axis Bank – and merchants – including key players like Amazon and BigBasket – across 500,000 touchpoints and has achieved a $10 billion GTV annual run rate. 

This acquisition will empower Razorpay to become one of India’s largest omnichannel payments solutions for all businesses. Starting today, Razorpay is wherever its businesses are, wherever consumers are, and wherever India wants to pay. Thus far, we have simplified online payment for businesses with our solutions, striving to help entrepreneurs scale and grow in a digital world. Now, with Ezetap on board, we will invest the same passion and effort in simplifying in-person payments. 

But it is not enough to merely offer both online and offline payments. It is essential to marry the two seamlessly for a truly omnichannel experience. Our partnership with Ezetap will help us achieve precisely that. By combining Ezetap’s deep knowledge of the in-person payment space and our expertise in building for the online world, we will be able to create a transformative omnichannel solution for our businesses. We are excited about what we might achieve by pooling our capabilities and ideas together! 

We are truly excited about our next adventure – our next phase of growth as a part of the Razorpay family. We share Razorpay’s vision of simplifying payments and banking for Indian businesses, being available wherever their customers are, and being a one-stop payment and banking platform across channels. And this step takes us at Ezetap closer to achieving that dream. We join Razorpay’s suite of products to collectively offer businesses the best-in-class omni-channel payments experience and are excited at the limitless possibilities that together both the companies are looking to explore in the omnichannel payment world.

Ezetap CEO Byas Nambisan

We are moving towards a future where the ‘hybrid’ or omnichannel approach becomes essential for businesses seeking to grow. Online businesses want to expand to physical stores while traditional brick-and-mortar merchants are reaching new customers online. 

With Ezetap alongside, we at Razorpay want to be a part of these growth stories, fuelling the big dreams of India’s disruptive businesses. Here’s looking forward to a brave new chapter in our journey!

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    Harshil Mathur
    Author Harshil Mathur

    Harshil Mathur is the CEO and Co-founder of Razorpay. A mechanical engineer by degree and coder by passion, Harshil also likes to practice Karate in his free time.

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