2021 may have been a difficult year for the global economy, but it’s been raining unicorns in India. The scientific community’s breakthrough in producing a covid-19 vaccine, a tech investment boom and the rapid adoption of digital technologies during the pandemic have all combined to make a clear case for innovation and its impact on our lives. Covid-19 has helped businesses push beyond the past decade’s underwhelming pace of innovation to usher in a new era of progress.

Even within business, true innovation is only possible when it’s not just skin deep. At Razorpay, innovation runs through our DNA right to the innovative people our products support. Don’t believe us? We’ll let Rajesh Sawhney convince you.

Since 2013, our goal has been to revolutionize payments for online businesses by providing clean, developer-friendly APIs and hassle-free integration. Indian web developers have leveraged Razorpay’s APIs to power agile solutions that power India’s financial ecosystem today. These solutions are established on top of the building blocks that engineers at Razorpay made possible.

All Razorpay products are built by developers for developers. And now, we want to take our gratitude for the developer community a step further. That’s why we launched the Razorpay Partner Program – a simple and lucrative platform for Indian web developers to participate in Razorpay’s growth.

How Can Being a Razorpay Partner Help Indian Web Developers?

Web developers are the unspoken heroes of growth for any business that’s scaling the journey from being offline to an online business. They create websites and mobile applications that improve online sales for all kinds of businesses, while also making the lives of their end-users easier.

In rapidly developing economies like India, web developers play a far more important role. The ripple effect of the ongoing pandemic on all legs of the Indian economy has been huge. While many businesses faced severe losses due to movement curbs and safety regulations, the outbreak has been a major catalyst for several businesses to re-evaluate the way they do business. 

Many Indian businesses realised that they need​​ to adopt end-to-end digital services if they had to sustain themselves. However, according to Financial Stability Report July 2020 by RBI, 60 per cent of micro small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the country are expecting a bleak future in the new business environment. 

Web developers play a critical role in helping these entrepreneurs and MSMEs with limited access to the right digital skills and technology navigate to a digital-first business model. Their skills can help the entire business value chain to not only survive but also sustain themselves beyond the pandemic.

As India’s leading payment solutions provider, Razorpay wants to champion the contribution web developers are making to the Indian economy by augmenting their revenue streams through its partner program. 

The Razorpay Partner Program is essentially an affiliate marketing program to reward anyone who can advocate for Razorpay’s products. While being paid for improving and optimizing your clients’ online presence is great, participate in a respectable affiliate marketing program is an intelligent way to diversify your income streams in the long term. Most web developers use affiliate marketing to not only earn a passive income but also to gain new clients. 

Here are the many ways Razorpay Partner Program looks out for web developers:

  • Earn a referral bonus

If your clients are looking for a robust payment gateway or want to switch to a payment partner that supports most payment modes with a higher success rate, you can refer them to Razorpay’s fleet of products. This way, your clients get introduced to a great product, and you get to earn a referral bonus.

  • Get automated commissions

Additionally, as your referred clients’ register and scale up their transactions on Razorpay’s platform, your monthly recurring commissions begin to increase. With our partner program’s flexible commission structure, you will get your commissions credited to your bank account at the end of every month.

  • Easily refer more clients using referral links

Once you become a Razorpay partner, you’ll be able to create your unique referral links, coupon codes, share pre-filled social media posts with your audience and add merchants in bulk through Razorpay’s partner dashboard. Each of your clients is unique and so are their problems. Referring Razorpay products to your customers is quick and easy. And, tracking your commissions from each of these referrals is even easier!

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 If you have further questions, talk to us at partnerships@razorpay.com

FAQs on web developer’s Razorpay Partner Program

1. How can I become a Razorpay partner?

You can sign up razorpay partner  program agreement. To know more refer our new merchants docs section or write into partnerships@razorpay.com if you have any questions about the process.

2. How to start earning commissions with Razorpay Partner Program?

You can start referring Razorpay’s products right after you sign up to become a Razorpay partner. However, your commissions will only be reflected in your account after you complete your KYC verification process and your referred clients complete a transaction using one of Razorpay’s solutions.

Partner Program Onboarding steps of Razorpay

3. Is there a fee to join the Razorpay Partner Program?

No. The Razorpay Partner Program is free to join. 

4. I have a merchant account with Razorpay. Can I use the same account to refer my clients?

Yes. As a merchant registered on Razorpay, you will already be managing your own transactions. Once approved as a Razorpay partner, you can keep track of the clients you onboarded using this account.

5. I haven’t registered my company yet. Can I sign up as a Razorpay partner?

Yes. Razorpay Partner Program offers both individuals and organizations.

6. What documents will I need to register as a Razorpay partner?

Don’t need any physical documents to register you as a partner. However, to deposit your commission payouts into your bank account, we will need your company’s (or your own) name, PAN details, address, bank account details, a scanned copy of a cancelled cheque from your bank account along with the name, email, PAN, and address details of an authorized signatory.

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