About Rapido

Founded in 2015 by Aravind Sanka, Pavan Guntupalli, and Rishikesh SR in Bangalore, Rapido operates a mobile app-based bike and auto taxi service in close to 100+ cities in India. Today, more than 1.5 million “captains” or riders provide Rapido taxi services—a figure that has grown year-on-year. 

Rapido is playing a major role in defining new ways of cost-effective mobility and revolutionizing inter and intra-city commutes by emerging as India’s first and fastest-growing two-wheeler and three-wheeler taxi ride-booking platform. 

Since 2020, Rapido has expanded its services from just providing two and three-wheeler taxis to Rapido Local (a person-to-person delivery service), Rapido Rental (which allows you to rent bikes on the go), and Rapido Store (a service that helps online and offline businesses with customer delivery). 


The Challenge:

With such growth and expansion, it did not take much time for Rapido to be active across India, and such expansion led to the requirement for a payment partner that understands their needs and is responsive to innovation. Rapido chose Razorpay and is live with the Standard Checkout offering. 

For Rapido, UPI is an important payment method, since over 70% of customers prefer UPI to recharge their Rapido wallet. Hence, optimizing for UPI as a method of checkout was an important investment for the brand. Rapido needed a checkout experience that helps customers complete payments via UPI easily, ensuring high payment success rates for UPI. 

If UPI payments were facing a lower success rate or more drop-offs, it would impact the customers’ payment experience and Rapido’s revenue. Rapido powers a million rides per day; Rapido has not only helped people commute easily across India, but also powered captains as heroes. 


Why Razorpay 

With the majority of Rapido’s customers opting for UPI as a payment method, it was important for Rapido to build a seamless checkout experience, especially on UPI. Razorpay helped them overcome this very hurdle and more! 


Seamless Checkout experience on UPI

Rapido was able to increase its payment share for the UPI method from 70% to 80% with a superior UPI payment experience at Razorpay checkout!

Razorpay checkout offers best in class payment experience for UPI, where customers can complete the payments via UPI in a minimum number of steps and highlights customers’ preferred UPI apps right on the first page of checkout, which leads to lower drop-offs and a smooth payment experience. 

Along with the industry’s best Success Rates on UPI, scaling and growing with Razorpay was a smooth experience for Rapido. Providing a seamless and frictionless checkout experience would make it easier for their customers to search for their favorite method, make the payment instantly, and increase conversion rates.

Customizable payment method orderings at Checkout 

Apart from being an easy-to-integrate payment gateway, Razorpay’s checkout offers diverse options for reordering and bundling payment methods on the checkout page so that customers can find their favorite payment method in a minimum number of scrolls and steps. 

Apart from providing quick integration of the payment gateway, Razorpay also helped Rapido by enhancing its payment page with additional payment options like “buy now, pay later”. These personalisations helped Rapido improve the visibility of all the payment methods available for the customer for fast and convenient checkout. 


An enhanced QR Code and UPI payments experience 

The “QR Code”  was the most preferred method of payment for Rapido’s customers.  Razorpay assisted in building a customized solution for QR Code payments that helped Rapido the payment experience for their customers as well as their captains.  Customers were now immediately redirected to UPI apps like Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, etc., after scanning the QR Code generated on the “captain’s” phone after every ride.

“QR code generation flow is widely liked by users and the most opted method. Razorpay helped us to customize QR with callbacks within 2 minutes to improve customer experience.”

  • Neha Lohiya, Sr. Product Manager, Rapido



Additional user experience enhancements, including features such as saved VPA ID on UPI and autofill, aided in a faster, and more convenient checkout experience for customers. 

Razorpay Payment Gateway’s custom-built functionality for all digital payments, along with its mobile-optimized checkout experience for customers’ first payment methods like UPI, made it the go-to solution for Rapido. 

With its vast network of over 1.5 million captains across 100+ states in India, an array of unique services ranging from commuting to door-to-door delivery, and a booming bike/taxi service market to take advantage of, Rapido is only set to achieve more remarkable milestones. We are proud to be their payments and growth partner through thick and thin. 


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