When he realised that there were no customisable e-commerce solutions built specifically for the Indian market, Nirmal Dayaramani decided to address the problem. He founded OutdoCart, an e-commerce store-building platform that offered a multitude of features at India-friendly prices. A venture that began with five customers in January 2020 is today a thriving platform helping over 20,000 Indian businesses achieve their dreams of growth and success. 

OutdoCart offers both enterprise and DIY solutions (for growing businesses); in the former case, it functions like a full-time technology partner, handling all website-related services and managing the brand’s digital presence. Its DIY offering attracts everyone from housewives and students looking to build a brand to brick-and-mortar businesses seeking to expand online. 

“International players were not building for India in terms of features and pricing. OutdoCart set out to change that; we wanted to remove these barriers,” says Nirmal. 

Outdo Cart and Razorpay – a shared vision of empowering Indian startups 

OutdoCart sees itself as more than just an e-commerce solution: it seeks to be a platform that enables the entrepreneurial ambitions of thousands of Indians. Apart from the features and the pricing, customers are also offered their own websites, with OutdoCart handholding them through the building process. Such support is important because not all business-owners are tech-savvy, coming as they do from diverse backgrounds. 

“People who I never expected would start a business are today earning lakhs of rupees in revenue every month. I know of a woman who built a flourishing essential-oils business after being laid off from her IT job. Then there is a housewife who created her own brand of bed linen and now earns monthly revenues of Rs. 5 lakh. It is very satisfying that we are able to help fulfil these dreams. That was the whole purpose of building OutdoCart.” 

Nirmal Dayaramani, Founder & CEO, OutdoCart

Seen as this tool of empowerment, OutdoCart is not a whole lot unlike Razorpay, its payment partner of choice. As a leading payment gateway, Razorpay has enabled millions of businesses to grow and dream by harnessing the power of online payments. Together, they are helping build a vibrant startup ecosystem in a new India.

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Razorpay – a payment gateway businesses can trust

As someone with exposure to both the offline and online worlds, Nirmal appreciates that it is natural for some business owners going online for the first time to be sceptical about accepting digital payments. But Razorpay’s reputation as a trusted payment gateway helps allay their fears. “Razorpay is a name everyone knows; the moment we mention Razorpay, their doubts are gone,” says Nirmal. 

Towards a brave, new future 

From 20,000, OutdoCart aims to serve 2 million businesses using its platform as the Indian e-commerce sector expands. Supporting OutdoCart on that path will be Razorpay, as hundreds of thousands of businesses aspire to reach new heights.

“Razorpay is the most advanced payment gateway we have dealt with. Integration is really easy. As a platform, it is great.” 

Nirmal Dayaramani

With its reputation for trust, easy integration, and dedicated support, Razorpay Payment Gateway is favoured by millions of businesses small and large. 

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