It is a popular saying in the business world, “Always give customers more than what they expect to get.” As a merchant, you put all kinds of efforts into making your products and services up to the mark for your customers to stay satisfied with your business and keep coming back for more.   

Payment systems have been evolving since the beginning of time. We have come so far from barter systems to cash to cards to digital payments, and each of these systems are more convenient than the last.   

As a result, the UPI payment link generator came into the picture to make payments smooth and seamless for both merchants and customers. Before moving further to the UPI payment link generator, let’s understand what payment links are.    

What are Payment Links?  

As the name suggests, it is a link generated through the UPI payment link generator, with the help of which you can collect payments online. Your customer can simply click on this link shared in the form of a URL to proceed with their transaction.  

The merchants pre-set the amount, and the customers can pay through multiple payment options such as debit and credit cards, net banking, e-wallets, etc. It is one of the fastest and easiest methods to collect payments.   

Benefits of Generating UPI Payment Links  

1. Seamless for the Customers  

Any business can only grow and flourish if its customers are happy and satisfied with its products and services. The customers are flexible in making payments through their preferred payment method with UPI payment links. It is a fast, safe and convenient way for merchants to increase their revenue.   

2. Economical  

Payment links diminish the need for maintaining expensive payment acceptance devices like POS terminals. Moreover, it also eliminates the need for third-party applications and reduces setup and maintenance costs.  

3. Technology Friendly  

If you have a small or medium-sized enterprise, it is a possibility that you lack technical knowledge. This is where payment links save you from all the technical integration and efforts. All you need to do is set up a merchant account, and you can immediately start creating and sending the payment links to accept payments.   

4. Multiple Payment Methods  

Payment links provide a seamless payment checkout with all major payment methods. For instance, Razorpay supports more than 100 payment modes, including net banking, UPI, E-Wallets, credit and debit cards, etc.   

5. Safe and Secure  

Customers are usually very reluctant while making online payments as they are asked to enter their sensitive transactional details. However, when they use payment links from a reliable payment solution, they feel a sense of security. 

Razorpay payment links are equipped with the same security standards you get by integrating them into your website or app. That is to say, they are SSL certified, PCI DSS compliant, and follow all the encryption standards. Your customers would receive an official notification both when the payment link is sent and when the transaction is done.   

6. Effective Communication  

As a merchant, you can carry out seamless and effective communication through which you can also accept online payment with the help of payment links. For instance, if you want to carry out communication through WhatsApp Business, you can easily collect payments by sending payment links to your customers via WhatsApp.  

Create UPI payment links and share them on any social media or messaging site. You can also personalize the transaction by including a message for your customers.   

7. Time-Saving  

By now, it might be clear to you that sending UPI payment links to your customers can save you a lot of time and effort. You can send bulk WhatsApp messages, SMS, emails, etc., all together to multiple customers.   

It is beneficial for your business as you would not have to meet with your customers or wait for a bank transfer; instead, you can simply generate links through the UPI payment link generator with the information of the purchased products and the requested amount.    

Make Accepting Payments Seamless with Razorpay  

Get activated quickly and start accepting secure payments anytime, anywhere. Explore Razorpay to know how you can drive more profits to your business. Upgrade to the powerful features of Razorpay, which provides simpler, faster, and better ways to accept payments. 

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