“One-Click checkout solution by Razorpay Magic has completely changed how we do business. We have witnessed a remarkable boost in prepaid order share and skyrocketing conversion rates!” – Deepak Sharma, founder of Kalakaar India.

Embark on the remarkable journey of the Magic Checkout case study with Kalakaar India as they strive to carve their name as a revered brand for unique mobile phone accessories. Despite facing numerous challenges on their path to nationwide recognition, their unwavering determination led them to forge a powerful alliance with Razorpay Magic Checkout, a 5x faster one-click checkout solution. Discover the incredible advantage this partnership brought to their aspirations and growth.

About Kalakaar India 

“In this digital age, phone accessories have transcended their functional purpose and have become a means of self-expression. They offer a unique avenue to showcase our personality and reveal our true colors. That’s why choosing the right phone case supplier becomes paramount in your quest for a phone case that perfectly aligns with your style.”Kalakaar India

Kalakaar India kickstarted their direct-to-consumer (D2C) expedition in 2020. While they had been operating their business earlier, they primarily served as a supplier to various third-party companies. However, the onset of Covid-19 prompted a significant shift in Kalakaar India’s business model, propelling them to transition from only being a supplier to a full-fledged D2C brand.

With a steadfast commitment to design and innovation, the brand places great importance on quality, considering it the hallmark of their mobile accessories. Each mobile case is meticulously crafted from high-quality polished plastic, guaranteeing the durability of their products. Whether it’s anti-scratch properties or drop resistance, Kalakaar India consistently meets and exceeds customer expectations. 

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The Challenge 

The Painful Saga of High Cash on Delivery Orders

Kalakaar India’s customers preferred the cash on delivery mode of payment, which turned out to be cumbersome for Kalakaar India. Compared to digital payment methods that transfer instant funds to online sellers’ accounts, cash on delivery payments typically take longer to reach. This delay hindered cash flow and created operational challenges for the brand. Furthermore, dealing with returns and refunds added additional complexity to the process.

During the lockdown, Kalakaar India faced considerable challenges as they had to handle every aspect of their operations. This included managing orders and ensuring accurate deliveries to the designated addresses. While they aimed to increase their share of prepaid orders, they encountered a growing percentage of cash on delivery (COD) orders. Eventually, their COD order share reached 70%, while prepaid orders accounted for only 30%. Recognizing the importance of having readily available funds to maintain smooth business operations, the brand urgently sought a viable solution.

The Solution 

Click, Pay, Done: One-Click Checkout Solution by Razorpay Magic Checkout! 

With the flexibility offered by Magic Checkout, Kalakaar India could effortlessly disable COD payment for high-risk orders in real time, encouraging customers to opt for prepaid options. By analyzing each order, Magic Checkout identified return-to-origin (RTO) order patterns based on customers’ historical behavior across various brands in the Magic Checkout network.

Magic Checkout also simplified address validation for Kalakaar India by eliminating the need for manual checks. It verified the accuracy of address details, performed gibberish detection, and ensured address completeness. By flagging high-risk orders and disabling COD payment accordingly, Magic Checkout streamlined the entire checkout process for Kalakaar India.

With the implementation of Razorpay Magic Checkout, Kalakaar India experienced significant improvements in their payment process. The consolidation of all payment methods onto a single screen made it seamless and convenient for customers to opt for prepayment. This simplified experience not only saved time but also instilled a sense of trust because customers recognized the Razorpay Magic checkout interface, leading customers who previously opted for cash on delivery (COD) due to trust concerns to confidently choose prepayment.

Moreover, the brand benefited from the flexibility of configuring COD charges effortlessly, allowing them to easily levy additional fees on COD orders. This strategic approach successfully discouraged COD and provided further incentive for customers to embrace prepayments, fostering a shift towards a more efficient and streamlined payment system.

This change brought the added benefit of quicker fund transfers, eliminating the need for them to wait for their hard-earned money, which helped them increase their conversion rate quickly and efficiently. 

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The Impact 

One-click checkout's impact <> A Magic Checkout case study

Kalakaar India on Razorpay Magic Checkout 

“Thanks to Razorpay Magic Checkout, our order conversion rate has seen a significant boost. Since implementing Magic Checkout, our prepaid order share has increased from 30% to 70%, resulting in faster order conversions. Also, with Magic Checkout’s help, our order conversion rate has increased by 75%. We’re thrilled to partner with Magic Checkout and highly recommend it to others.” – Deepak Sharma, Founder of Kalakaar India.

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Kalakaar India’s remarkable journey has been an incredible source of inspiration, and we’re proud to have played a small role in their success story. If their achievement has motivated you and you aspire to achieve similar growth for your business, contact the Razorpay Magic Checkout team today. Let us assist you in accomplishing your business goals!

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