One-Click Checkout Success Story: Gramiyaa transformed their online store with Razorpay Magic, enhancing the shopping experience with seamless checkout.

In this insightful Magic Checkout case study, discover how oils, crucial in cooking, also pose health risks. Gramiyaa’s visionary founder recognized this, embarking on a mission to offer a solution.

Join us as we uncover the origins of this initiative, the challenges faced by Gramiyaa, and the pivotal role of Razorpay Magic Checkout in enhancing their customers’ online shopping experience, infusing their online store with a touch of magic.

Gramiyaa- Their Story 

Gramiyaa- Meet the team <> A Magic Checkout case study

Gramiyaa’s story began with an aim to standardize cold pressed oils and make it the go-to choice like earlier days.”- Sibi Manivannan, founder of Gramiyaa.

Gramiyaa, a health food brand, embarked on its journey as an offline venture in 2017. During its initial years, the brand focused on establishing a physical presence to cater to its customers’ needs. With a specialization in groceries, the brand placed great emphasis on ensuring prompt product delivery, opting for a localized approach. Situated in Koramangala, Bangalore, Gramiyaa’s headquarters served as a hub for their operations. 

The brand specializes in offering a diverse range of high-quality products. Their selection includes wood cold-pressed groundnut, coconut, and sesame oils, known for their exceptional purity and nutritional benefits. In addition, they also offer Kangeyam A2 Cultured Cow Ghee, a revered traditional ghee known for its rich flavor and health benefits. To further enhance the cooking experience, Gramiyaa provides stainless steel oil pourers, ensuring convenient and precise pouring.

In order to cater to a broader audience and ensure efficient distribution, the brand has established warehouses in five metro cities across India. These strategically located warehouses enabled them to streamline their operations and deliver their products promptly to customers in different regions.

The driving force behind Gramiyaa, Sibi Manivannan, personally took charge of sourcing these exceptional products for his family’s restaurant business. During his visits to oil refineries, he was disheartened to discover the widespread use of chemical solvents and artificial flavor enhancers in the commonly available refined oils. This fueled his dedication to reintroducing these wholesome and nutrition-rich oils into everyday cooking practices, aligning with the brand’s mission of promoting healthy and traditional food choices.

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The Challenge 

No Customer Should Worry About Completing Their Purchase! 

Traditionally, customers are always burdened with the task of filling out multiple forms and completing various steps before they can successfully make a purchase. This cumbersome process often overwhelmed our customers, and we recognized the need for change.

Gramiyaa aimed to streamline the purchasing experience for their customers, striving to make it easier and more efficient. They understood the importance of minimizing additional steps on the checkout page, such as repeatedly asking users to enter their contact and address details. However, their journey to finding the right partner who could effectively reduce these additional steps proved to be a challenging one. With numerous customizations required, they were concerned whether someone could efficiently address all these obstacles.

Customer Trust is Everything!

We needed a checkout interface that won’t look alien on our website.

In addition to streamlining the purchase process, Gramiyaa had a deeper aspiration. They sought a checkout interface that would seamlessly integrate with their existing website theme, creating a sense of familiarity and cultivating trust among their valued customers. Recognizing that every aspect of a website should exude professionalism and reliability, the brand understood that even with their exceptional range of health food products, a touch of magic was needed to establish that essential foundation of trust. This endeavor was ultimately aimed at creating a seamless and trustworthy online shopping experience for their customers.

The Solution

Unleashing the Power of Razorpay Magic Checkout: Effortless One-Click Checkout at Gramiyaa’s Fingertips

Magic Checkout revolutionized the customer experience by simplifying the purchase journey. With its intuitive interface, the checkout page exuded familiarity and instilled trust, akin to renowned platforms such as Swiggy or Zomato. Customers perceived the website as reliable and dependable, thanks to the effortless integration of Magic Checkout. This familiarity played a pivotal role in fostering credibility and instilling confidence in customers.

The beauty of Magic Checkout lies in its fluid customization, seamlessly blending with the overall website design. By adopting Magic Checkout, the checkout page harmoniously integrated with the brand’s identity, creating a cohesive user experience. Its adaptability ensured a smooth transition, reinforcing trust in the platform without feeling foreign.

Another key feature that significantly contributed to the enhanced customer experience was the fact that Magic Checkout made the checkout process 5X faster by leveraging the Razorpay network data to automatically prefill contact, shipping, and payment details of customers. Customers no longer had to tediously enter their details repeatedly, saving them time and reducing drop-offs, thereby accelerating their growth. 

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The Impact 

One-click checkout's impact <> A Magic Checkout case study

Gramiyaa on Razorpay Magic Checkout

We explored various platforms offering one-click checkout and needed multiple customizations. Magic Checkout stood out by fulfilling all our customization requests within just one week, which was truly impressive. Trusting their expertise proved to be a wise decision, and we highly recommend it to others.- Sibi Manivannan, founder of Gramiyaa

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