We have been running this business for generations.

In this Magic Checkout case study, Mr. Nitin Ahir, one of the founders of GirOrganic, unveils the enduring journey of their family business—over 30 years of rich history. GirOrganic, a bastion of resilience and commitment, seamlessly blends tradition with innovation.”

As we explore GirOrganic’s journey, we uncover a world where dedication meets excellence. The digital evolution marked a significant turning point for them, introducing a new set of challenges that called for inventive solutions. In this case study, we delve into their venture into the online realm, the obstacles encountered, and the transformative role played by Razorpay Magic Checkout, a one-click checkout solution.

GirOrganic: Cultivating Tradition, Nourishing the Future

Established in 1990 under the agricultural acumen of Mr. Maganbhai, GirOrganic has flourished as a true embodiment of farming legacy. Guided by family teachings and armed with a handful of resources, Maganbhai initiated organic farming, laying the foundation for the brand. Today, the legacy perseveres with Mr. Maganbhai and his sons, Mr. Nitin, Mr. Nilesh, and Mr. Chetan Ahir, steering the helm.

Hailing from the Ahir community with deep ties to the Yadukal family associated with Lord Krishna, GirOrganic seamlessly blends ancient traditions with a modern touch to meet contemporary needs.

Although GirOrganic’s journey began in 1990, their digital odyssey commenced in 2019. Nestled in Surat, Gujarat, the brand specializes in organic food products, including A2 Gir cow ghee, wood-pressed oils, A2 Gir cow milk, pulses, peanut butter, and more. Their expansive farm is home to over 500 Gir cows, providing the raw materials for their quality products. Beyond catering to the domestic market, the brand exports its A2 Gir cow ghee to the Gulf and USA.

In a proud moment on November 26, 2023, GirOrganic received the esteemed “Gopal Ratna Award,” a national recognition in India for outstanding contributions to dairy farming. This accolade underscores their commitment to excellence in animal husbandry, solidifying their position as a leader in the field.

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The High Dropout Mystery at GirOrganic

In the early stages of their online journey, GirOrganic prioritized product visibility and brand values over maximizing sales. Their primary goal was to introduce the world to their organic products and the values they stand for. However, the brand faced a significant obstacle as their online reputation grew—high dropout rates during the checkout process.

The issue stemmed from lengthy and time-consuming checkout forms, with customers spending 1.5 to 3 minutes in completing them. This proved particularly cumbersome for repeat customers, leading to a surge in dropout rates. They recognized the urgent need for a solution to streamline their checkout process and alleviate this challenge.


Solving Dropout Woes: The Razorpay Magic Checkout Solution

With the activation of Razorpay Magic Checkout, GirOrganic experienced an instant transformation. The solution addressed the persistent issue of high dropouts by eliminating the need for complex and lengthy forms. Magic Checkout took charge of prefilling critical customer details, including contact, shipping, and payment information. This seamless transition became possible through Razorpay’s expansive network, catering to over 200 million customers annually.

The impact proved to be substantial. Not only did it refine the shopping experience for their customers, but it also played a pivotal role in significantly reducing drop-offs and amplifying their order conversion rates.

Impact Magic's Impact on GirOrganic

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Mr. Nitin Ahir, Founder of GirOrganic on Razorpay Magic Checkout 

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